An Update on Tomoka Igari’s Situation and Blog Translation

  For those of you who don't know, Kamen Joshi/Steam Girls member Tomoka Igari was in an accident on 4/11 where a signboard collapsed because of strong wind and fell on her. She was rushed to the hospital, went through emergency surgery, and hospitalized in the ICU. After that, she was moved to the HCU. … Continue reading An Update on Tomoka Igari’s Situation and Blog Translation


Honey Bunny [蜜兎(ハニバニ)] – Introduction Profile-

Honey Bunny [蜜兎(ハニバニ)] Overview: Produced and managed by Ash Entertainment, 蜜兎(ハニバニ) or Honey Bunny, is a Nagoya based idol group that began activities back in May 2015. The group’s concept is an “Electric Girls Unit” and the sound of their music very much so reflects that concept. Prior to May 2015, the group went under … Continue reading Honey Bunny [蜜兎(ハニバニ)] – Introduction Profile-

An Introduction to MNL48 and Why You Should Support Them (Guest: Ellie) Want to learn about MNL48 but you don't know where to start? Look no further! I talked with Ellie, the host of the MNL48 Podcast, about MNL48, the ongoing audition process, our favorite MNL48 aspirants, the group's plans, what it was like meeting and talking with a number of aspirants, how you can learn … Continue reading An Introduction to MNL48 and Why You Should Support Them (Guest: Ellie)

Weekly Idol News: 4/9-4/15

Cheeky Parade's disbanding, Fuuko Yagura graduates from NMB48, Rie Kitahara has her NGT48 graduation concert, NGT48's Team G is formed, Produce 48 members are revealed, STU48 gets a ship, NECRONOMIDOL, Yanakoto Sotto Mute, and 14Generations Toilet hanakosan are performing in America, and more in this week's news! This Week’s Releases Singles: 4/11: 22/7 - Shampoo … Continue reading Weekly Idol News: 4/9-4/15

Recommended Idol PVs: March 2018

I already released my recommended March 2018 idol songs here and now I'm moving on to the PVs! My recommended PVs will be listed in alphabetical order, so don’t take this as a ranking of any sort. Let's get started! Dear L mana - Love You Love You was released last December as a … Continue reading Recommended Idol PVs: March 2018

Oshimen Time Episode 6: Rie Kitahara – NGT48 (Guest: John) The sixth episode of Oshimen Time is live! Check it out if you'd like to learn about Rie Kitahara, what it's like meeting her, how Rie made one of the biggest comebacks in 48G, Rie's upcoming graduation and her future prospects, how a fan's oshimen can inspire them, the sousenkyo, NGT48 and its history, … Continue reading Oshimen Time Episode 6: Rie Kitahara – NGT48 (Guest: John)