Interview with Oyasumi Hologram

We have a big interview for you guys today...Yes Tiger got to talk with Oyasumi Hologram, who will be starting their tour in America in a couple days! In the interview, we talk with them about their music, the members' hobbies and interests, why they decided to tour America, what they're looking forward to, their … Continue reading Interview with Oyasumi Hologram


Interview with TORIENA

We have an exciting interview for you today: this time with TORIENA! Now, TORIENA isn't an idol, but she's an awesome artist that deserves to be featured. She's also done some work with idols, remixing Yanakoto Sotto Mute's HOLY GRAiL for April Fool's this year and touring with Oyasumi Hologram in America next month. Keep … Continue reading Interview with TORIENA

Seishun Youth Academy & SHUN- First Solo Live Interview

On September 3rd, 2018, Seishun Youth Academy, Canadian sister group of Seishun Gakuen, had their first solo concert performing alongside Seishun Gakuen producer, SHUN, at Pandora's Box in Vancouver, British Columbia! Yes Tiger! had the opportunity to attend the live and talk with SHUN and the members of Seishun Youth Academy about the formation of … Continue reading Seishun Youth Academy & SHUN- First Solo Live Interview

Interview with 14Generations Toilet hanakosan

I have another special post for you today: Yes Tiger's first idol interview! I had the opportunity to talk with 14Generations Toilet hanakosan about her music, lives, the East Meets West Music Festival, what she's looking forward to doing in America, and more! Thank you for joining us here at Yes Tiger! Please introduce yourself. … Continue reading Interview with 14Generations Toilet hanakosan