Seishun Gakuen- Chikara no Kagiri-Album Top Picks

If you follow Seishun Gakuen’s Canadian sister group, Seishun Youth Academy, you probably know that they have helped bring Seishun Gakuen’s music to listeners worldwide with Seishun☆Wasshoi making its way to Itunes, Google Play Music, and Spotify earlier this year! But they’re not stopping there! Seishun Gakuen’s first album, Chikara no Kagiri has also been … Continue reading Seishun Gakuen- Chikara no Kagiri-Album Top Picks

Top Idol Songs of 2018: 21-30

Hey guys, I'm back with part three of my top 50 idol songs of 2018! If you haven't read parts one and two, you can read them here and here. We're into the thirties now! 30. GU-GU LULU - Caution GU-GU LULU was probably one of the most anticipated new groups in 2018 and … Continue reading Top Idol Songs of 2018: 21-30

Recommended Idol PVs: March 2018

I already released my recommended March 2018 idol songs here and now I'm moving on to the PVs! My recommended PVs will be listed in alphabetical order, so don’t take this as a ranking of any sort. Let's get started! Dear L mana - Love You Love You was released last December as a … Continue reading Recommended Idol PVs: March 2018