About Us

~Thanks for checking out the blog! My name is Brita and as you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of Japanese idols. It all started in 2013… I was a big anime otaku and popular idol anime such as IM@S, Love Live, and AKB0048 introduced the concept of idols to me. While watching Idolmaster videos on YouTube, I started seeing a bunch of Morning Musume dance covers and thought some of the songs were pretty good. From there, I started to research everything Hello! Project. I looked into AKB a little bit, but they were a little intimidating with their member count. That is, until I found my first oshimen…I watched the Kamonegix music video and couldn’t take my eyes off the center, who I later found out was named Sayaka Yamamoto. Sayanee became my oshimen and since then, my main hobby has been Japanese idols in some form.

After three years of H!P and 48G fandom, I decided to move to Tokyo in April 2016 for work. I went to a few big idol events (the 2016 sousenkyo, some 48G handshake events, the 2016 spring Hello! Project Kenshuusei recital, the Osaka concert of Sayanee’s first solo tour, Tokyo Idol Festival), but after a chance visit to PARMS to see Kamen Joshi, I became a lot more interested in the underground idol scene. I’ve since moved back to America, but during my time in Japan, I went to hundreds of lives, met a countless number of idols, and experienced more than I ever thought I would as an idol fan.

My current favorite groups are Majibanch, Kamen Joshi, FES☆TIVE, and Dear L mana, but there are many more that I like, both mainstream and underground. Some of the groups I enjoy have little to no information about them available in English, so one of my main goals of this blog is to make the groups I like more accessible to foreign fans.

I love to talk to other idol fans, so feel free to leave a comment or follow this blog on social media!


~Hello readers! My name is Lucas. Alongside Brita, I write content here on ‘Yes Tiger!’ !
Similarly to many other idol fans, my exposure to Japanese idol culture started back in 2014 with 48G and Dempagumi Inc. After numerous failures at attempting to win 48G theatre performance lotteries, I found myself at PARMS in Akihabara, which is where my interest in underground idols began. In August of 2017, I moved to Nagoya, Japan for a university exchange program and lived there for a little over a year. I spent 95% of my time at various lives and events around Nagoya, Gifu, and Toyko, and got to experience a great number of different idols and idol events. So here I am… writing about idols. I hope you enjoy the content we have here on Yes Tiger!

As for my favorite group, i’d probably have to say it is Shinsekaisen. I am a Kagurazaka Lettuce oshi and I absolutely adore the group as a whole!