An Introduction to 14Generations Toilet hanakosan

For those of you who do not know, in a couple weeks, two idol groups (NECRONOMIDOL and Yanakoto Sotto Mute) and one solo idol (14Generations Toilet hanakosan) will be coming to America as a part of the East Meets West Music Festival in Anaheim, California. While I unfortunately can't make it, I'd like to write … Continue reading An Introduction to 14Generations Toilet hanakosan


Honey Bunny [蜜兎(ハニバニ)] – Introduction Profile-

Honey Bunny [蜜兎(ハニバニ)] Overview: Produced and managed by Ash Entertainment, 蜜兎(ハニバニ) or Honey Bunny, is a Nagoya based idol group that began activities back in May 2015. The group’s concept is an “Electric Girls Unit” and the sound of their music very much so reflects that concept. Prior to May 2015, the group went under … Continue reading Honey Bunny [蜜兎(ハニバニ)] – Introduction Profile-