Let’s Talk About DEADLIFT LOLITA (Guest: Adam)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyr8G_xw750 I talked with Adam about DEADLIFT LOLITA and their songs, lives, international appearances, music videos, history, and more. We also talk about Ladybeard and Reika Saiki, how they rose to fame, Ladybeard and Reika's wrestling careers, what they're like as people, what it's like meeting Ladybeard and Reika, Ladybeard's time in LADYBABY, and the … Continue reading Let’s Talk About DEADLIFT LOLITA (Guest: Adam)

East Meets West Call Guide

Want to learn the calls for some of the major songs before East Meets West? Look no further! I know what you're thinking - isn't this kind of late? Yes, it is and I'm sorry, but I hope it'll still be able to help someone enjoy the performance the most they possibly can and make … Continue reading East Meets West Call Guide