NECRONOMIDOL – SKULLS IN THE STARS Call Guide Credit to Lunatic Dawn for the original video: While I didn't point it out in the video, notice the clapping before the "Taiga faiya (tiger fire)" call, in the first verse, and before/during the "haihaihaihai" part. If you're wondering what's up with the outfits, the video I used is from a Halloween live.


Yanakoto Sotto Mute – Lily Call Guide Want to learn the calls for Yanakoto Sotto Mute and NECRONOMIDOL's songs before East Meets West (or in general)? First up is Yanakoto Sotto Mute's Lily! I'll be releasing at least one more for Yanamute and a couple for NECRONOMIDOL leading up to the festival. Credit to Eden alley for the original video: reading Yanakoto Sotto Mute – Lily Call Guide