Interview with 14Generations Toilet hanakosan

I have another special post for you today: Yes Tiger’s first idol interview! I had the opportunity to talk with 14Generations Toilet hanakosan about her music, lives, the East Meets West Music Festival, what she’s looking forward to doing in America, and more!

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Thank you for joining us here at Yes Tiger! Please introduce yourself.

To all humans, Oha-Hanako! I’m 14Generations Toilet hanakosan. I cut my head off so I can’t speak, but during songs, I can speak, sing, and shout. Of course, I hold to this on stage and cannot speak when my songs stop. However, at buppan (meet and greet/merch sales), even though my songs have stopped, I am talking. It’s a sloppy setup, but eh…please don’t worry about that.

Could you explain your name? We’re especially curious about the “14Generations” part.

While I was committing suicide in the fourth floor girls’ bathroom in the fourth stall, 13Generations Toilet hanakosan said, “You’ll make a suitable 14Generations Toilet hanakosan” and scouted me. Also, in Japan, the number four represents death.

How would you describe yourself as an idol? What type of music do you sing?

I am a youkai. I’m not an idol that is a youkai, I’m a youkai that is an idol. I don’t know much about musical genres, but what I do isn’t metal. My favorite band’s genre is hardcore punk, so I want people to use that to refer to me.

The type of music that you do seems hard on your voice. How do you protect your voice?

By sleeping! It’s dangerous to shout when you’re lacking on sleep, so I generally sleep before and after my lives. But I’m a youkai, so I can’t sleep in the morning. I’m basically always lacking sleep.

Please tell us about your lives. You often use props like natto, noodles, and flour, right?

I throw expired foods and spit juice from my mouth into other peoples’ faces. Because of this, I often get banned from venues, but I always get permission from them in advance. Also, before making a mess, I allow people time to move out of the way or make use of trash bags (which we hand out) so that they’re able to guard themselves. Occasionally, I get complaints, but since I make sure to properly announce what I’m going to do during my lives, participate at your own risk. The last five minutes of my lives are used to clean up. I clean with my fans. The live isn’t over then, cleaning is part of the live. My lives are a warm space where everyone kindly watches me go berserk. It’s not suitable for fans to go berserk. Only I can go berserk.

I read that you’re completely self-managed. That sounds difficult! What are some challenges that come along with it?

I do what I want to do. That’s all.

You often tweet very late at night, especially at 4:44 AM. Why is that?  Are you often sleepy?

That’s because 4:44 is my time of death. I’m not sleepy. I want to be able to sleep in the mornings…In America, the time is opposite to Japan, so I hope I will be able to sleep in.

The East Meets West Fest will be your first time performing in America. Are you excited? What are you most looking forward to?

I’m excited to go to Disneyland. My older sister likes Disney and I promised that I would bring her back a birthday present from California Disneyland. I want to give my sister her present soon and make her happy.

What American foods are you looking forward to eating?

I like cheese, so I want to eat cheese. I’m worried it will be hard on my stomach, though…

Do you think you’ll use any American foods during your lives? Maybe hamburgers?

I can’t bring food from Japan, so I will be throwing American foods. I really want to throw natto, but I’ll hold back this time.

Could you please give a message to your international fans, especially the fans attending East Meets West?

I’m really bad at English. I often worry about the language barrier…so everyone, do your best and study Japanese because I’ll also be doing my best! I’ll be transforming America into hell.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, Hanako-san! We hope you have a great time in America!


I’d like to thank Hanako-san again for working with Yes Tiger! and answering my questions. I’d also like to thank Derek Vasconi for setting up this interview and giving me the chance to interview Hanako-san. If you’re interested in learning more about Hanako-san, you can read my in-depth write-up about everything Hanako-san here.

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Hanako-san will be performing at the East Meets West Music Festival on August 18-19th at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California. Tickets are $40 in advance for one day or $70 in advance for both days. VIP ticket packages are also available, starting at $100. If you can’t make it in person but would like to live stream the festival, you can buy a live stream ticket for $40 or a VIP live stream ticket for $400. Regular tickets are available here and VIP tickets are available here. If you’d like to learn more about the festival, you can read my interview with Derek Vasconi, creator of the festival, here.

Hanako-san’s Personal Twitter
Hanako-san’s Event Information Twitter
Hanako-san’s YouTube Channel
Hanako-san’s Blog

East Meets West Music Fest Facebook Event Page
East Meets West Music Fest Twitter


3 thoughts on “Interview with 14Generations Toilet hanakosan

  1. NICE! She has such a small footprint (figuratively and literally) that something like this is VERY cool and rare. Looking forward to her performance both days. 🙂

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