An Introduction to Oyasumi Hologram

Tomorrow, Oyasumi Hologram will be starting their WORLD 27 TOUR, where they will perform in California, New York, and Philadelphia from November 1st-November 11th. I unfortunately can’t make it, but I’d like to write an introduction to the group for anyone who is going or anyone who, like me, can’t go, but is interested in learning more about the group. Let’s get started!

History & Concept


Oyasumi Hologram (in English, Goodnight Hologram) was formed by producer Kouichi Ogawa in May of 2014 with five members, including current member Kanamiru. In the same month, they released their first single, 1st-CDR. In July, one of the members left and the other current member, Hachigatsu-chan, joined in her place. Several months later, in September, the members aside from Kanamiru and Hachigatsu-chan were dismissed and since then, the group has been active as just the two of them. In February of 2015, the group performed their first set with a backing band and in September of the same year, the group held their first one man live at Shinjuku LOFT and released their self-titled first album. The group has currently held six one man lives, with their most recent one being held at Tokyo’s LIQUIDROOM in May of this year. This year, the group released a band EP in March (Band Demo Vol.2), a collaboration single with LOVE SPREAD  (OYASUMI FOREVER) and an acoustic live album (0118) in April, and their fourth studio album (4) in May. Tomorrow, November 1st, they will be starting their first world tour, the Oyasumi Hologram WORLD 27 TOUR, in California and during this tour, they will be selling an exclusive EP to the tour titled “27”.


Oyasumi Hologram describes themselves as an alternative unit and all of their songs are written and composed by producer Kouichi Ogawa. They are known for their very intense lives and wide variety of music. I think that Oyasumi Hologram is definitely a group that could interest those who are put off by your typical, orthodox, “cutesy” idols. They give off more of an artist feel and the fact that they often do band sets and acoustic lives really adds to that. Kanamiru and Hachigatsu-chan both have pretty unique and distinct voices, which really gives them their own sound. I’d describe most of their recorded music as chill, easy listening, but their lives can get pretty involved, with the girls going all out and going into the crowd and the fans all doing their own thing. Kanamiru and Hachigatsu-chan aren’t public about their ages, but they’re both in their twenties and seem to act more like normal girls than your typical idols. Fans of the group are called “hitsuji”, or in English, sheep, and the group name is shortened as おやホロ, or Oyaholo.


Oyasumi Hologram released one single with their original lineup (1st-CDR), but since then, all of their releases have been with the current lineup. Including 1st-CDR, they have released nine singles/EPs (which includes their two band demos recorded with a three piece band and not including 27, which will be an exclusive for their upcoming tour), four studio albums, and two live acoustic albums. They have done collaborations with the bands Have a Nice Day!, NATURE DANGER GANG and Brooklyn based J-Pop group LOVE SPREAD. The group has performed with several different band configurations, which always include producer Ogawa on the guitar and have sometimes included NATURE DANGER GANG member Taku Fukuyama on the saxophone. So with all of this music, what do I recommend?

Well, both Kanamiru and Hachigatsu-chan recommend their new song “fire”. It will be on the exclusive EP “27” and Kanamiru especially likes the song’s bass.

My personal favorite Oyasumi Hologram song is Neuromancer. It’s an emotional song that you can tell is a blast live. There’s also a number of calls that the audience gets into, which you can learn how to do with my call guide here:

I’m also a big fan of one of their other recent songs, ghost rider. It’s a pleasant, relaxing song that’s really nice to listen to.

One of their songs that I think is pretty interesting is strawberry, a song off their second album. It has a unique sound that is quite a bit harder than the other ones I’ve mentioned up until this point.

These are just a couple of my picks, but if you’re interested in the group, you should definitely listen to some of their “standard” recorded music, some songs off their band demos, and some of their acoustic live album songs in order to get the full Oyasumi Hologram experience.

Videos & Live Performances

I linked all live videos, but Oyasumi Hologram has music videos for Neuromancer, note, Emerald, kaerimichi, Drifter, somebody’s garden, 11, too young, Mother, colors, ghost rider, Machine song, empty page, the end of the world, and fire. Their music videos are generally quite simple, but they’re well shot and show off the personalities of the girls.

If you want to see what the group was like with its original lineup, check out the video for drifter. They definitely had a more cutesy sound and style.

With the current lineup, their videos span the range of simplistic with a muted blue palette…

to a sepia palette with lots of closeups…

to a collaboration with lots of unique effects…

to nightime footage of the girls…

to bright daytime footage of the girls…

to artsy, dark footage…

to band footage of the girls with contrasting colors…

to the girls casually driving around…

to their most recent video where you can see what the girls will look like if you go meet them now.

They’re all pretty simplistic, but I think it’s great that they have so many of them. My favorite is probably Neuromancer, because I love the colors that are used in the MV.

Unless the venue forbids it, Oyasumi Hologram allows filming and photography at all of their lives, so you will find a lot of live footage on YouTube. These things are banned at most idol lives, so it’s really cool that they allow you to do that. It also makes them a lot more accessible for foreign fans. You can find a bunch of longer lives on YouTube, but here are a few examples:

Oyasumi Hologram’s most recent one man live
Hachigatsu-chan acoustic solo set 




Kanamiru is an original member of Oyasumi Hologram and is a concurrent member of We Speak your Words (WSYW), a mixed gender music group formed in 2016 which performs every once and a while. Aside from her experience as a singer and idol, she also has experience in construction work, which is a pretty interesting field for an idol to get into. Kanamiru can play the drums and piano and is a big fan of video games, particularly Pokemon and Monster Hunter. She also loves MARVEL, especially Iron Man/Tony Stark and Spiderman, and dreams of being in a MARVEL movie. Kanamiru loves food and is constantly posting pictures of food on her Instagram. She especially loves gyudon, and even in America, wants to eat gyudon. Her hair is constantly changing color and has been red, pink, and blonde at different points of time. Some of Kanamiru’s other interests are doing her nails and playing pachinko.



Hachigatsu-chan translates to “Miss August” and she has made blue hair and braids her trademark. After one of the original members left Oyasumi Hologram, producer Ogawa found Hachigatsu-chan on Twitter and asked her to join the group, which shows just how special she is. In 2015, Hachigatsu-chan formed a vocal/rap unit with RHYMEBERRY member MC MIRI called 8mm, however, it doesn’t seem to be active as of late. Hachigatsu-chan went to an art school and aside from her activities as a singer and idol, holds art exhibitions under the name hachi. She also designs goods for the group and is a radio personality for Shonan BeachFM in Kanagawa Prefecture. As you might imagine from her artistic background, she is also quite into fashion and has a bit of an eclectic style. Hachigatsu-chan is currently studying English conversation via video call lessons (I’m assuming Skype). She says that she still can’t speak freely, but she can understand English a lot better than she used to be able to. She might not be fluent, but she seems to enjoy speaking English and is good with using gestures to get her meaning across when needed.

Along with their Oyasumi Hologram, WSYM, and 8mm music, both Kanamiru and Hachigatsu-chan have done some solo songs, which you can find on the record label’s Soundcloud and Amazon Japan.

How to Support Oyasumi Hologram

So, if you’re interested in the members, the music, or the group as a whole, what can you do to support Oyasumi Hologram? Obviously, you can go see them in Japan. Or you can go see them on their US tour!


The Oyasumi Hologram WORLD 27 TOUR will take place from November 1st-November 11th. It is the group’s first world tour and they will be selling a new EP titled “27” that is exclusive to the tour. The details are as follows:

Thursday, November 1: San Jose, California
Venue: Back Bar Lounge (Bar Con Matsuri)
Time: 8:00 PM
Guest: Toriena
Co-Host: Eri (from PhEri)

Friday, November 2: San Jose, California
Venue: Back Bar Lounge (Bar Con Matsuri Rave)
Time: 6:00 PM
Guests: Toriena, Odyssey Eurobeat (featuring Ken Blast from Initial D), Lawbster (featuring PhEri), Vector Hold

Saturday, November 3: San Francisco, California
Venue: Bottom of the Hill (Bar Con Matsuri Tokyo Night)
Time: 1:00 PM
Guests: Toriena, PhEri, Phoenix Ash
PhEri will be releasing their debut single at this live!

Sunday, November 4: Fremont, California
Venue: UNIT #7 (VIP Show)
Time: 1:00 PM
Guest: Toriena

VIP event limited to only 30 attendees. Oyasumi Hologram will be performing an acoustic solo act and Toriena will hold a class on how she makes music using the LSDJ chip inside her Gameboys that she plays live. There will also be meet and greet; Oyasumi Hologram will be doing chekis and Toriena will be signing items and taking selfies with fans. In addition, at the event, you will receive:

  • A special Oyasumi Hologram VIP T-shirt
  • A rubber Oyasumi Hologram wrist band
  • A signed Oyasumi Hologram poster
  • An exclusive vinyl edition of Toriena’s upcoming album, SIXSENSE RIOT

Wednesday, November 7: New York City (Brooklyn), New York
Venue: Ceremony Nightclub
Time: 7:30 PM
Guest: DJ Daniel Kasshu (from Mevius)

Thursday, November 8: New York City (Brooklyn), New York
Venue: The Way Station
Time: 8:00 PM
Special acoustic solo set with just Oyasumi Hologram.

Friday, November 9: New York City (Brooklyn), New York
Venue: Sunnyvale
Time: 5:00 PM
Guests: Necronomidol, Rei Imaizumi (from Necronomidol), Opus. Travelers, Mevius, Lovespread

Saturday, November 10: New York City (Queens), New York
Venue: Trans-Pecos (New York Asia Music Festival)
Time: 1:00 PM
Guests: Necronomidol, Rei Imaizumi (from Necronomidol), Krimewatch, Late Cambrian, Mevius, Lovespread, Opus. Travelers, Miwa Gemini

Sunday, November 11: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Venue: PhilaMOCA
Time: 8:00 PM
Guests: Necronomidol, Mevius, Lovespread

Can’t make it? Well, aside from that, you can buy some of Oyasumi Hologram’s goods online. You can get physical copies of most of their music on CDJapan. Along with their music, CDJapan also sells two of their DVD/photobook collections here and here and two magazines that they were in here and here. Amazon Japan also sells physical copies of most (if not all) of their music, as well as the two DVD/photobook collections that CDJapan doesn’t have here and here. You can find some of their rarer releases in the goodnight! records store, however, they do not ship internationally. You will need to use a proxy service that provides you with a Japanese address. I’m sure everyone has their own recommendations, but Tenso has worked well for me.

Another way to support the group is by buying their music digitally. Oyasumi Hologram’s music is available on a number of digital streaming services, such as Apple Music and Amazon. You can also stream their music free on Google Play (if you have a subscription), Spotify, and Soundcloud. Spotify’s got pretty much everything, so I recommend heading over to their Spotify. Another way to support them for free is by following the girls on Twitter and Instagram and sending them supportive tweets and comments. The girls can’t follow back and rarely if ever reply, but they do read everything and occasionally like tweets. It’s an easy way to show them how much you care!

Links and Additional Information

Oyasumi Hologram WORLD 27 TOUR Facebook Event Page
Get Tickets for the Oyasumi Hologram Tour

Oyasumi Hologram Website
Oyasumi Hologram Twitter
Oyasumi Hologram YouTube Channel
goodnight! records Soundcloud
Kanamiru’s Twitter
Kanamiru’s Instagram
Kanamiru’s Tumblr
Hachigatsu-chan’s Twitter
Hachigatsu-chan’s Instagram

You should also read my interview with Oyasumi Hologram here! I mentioned some of what they said in the interview in this post, but there’s a lot more that I didn’t mention, particularly why they’re touring America, how they feel about coming to America, and where they want to perform next.


I think Oyasumi Hologram is a unique group with members that aren’t afraid to do their own thing, fun live performances, and real talent. The members seem entertaining and easy to talk to and I’d like to meet them eventually.

Have you seen Oyasumi Hologram live before? Will you be attending their US tour? Do you have any interesting facts about Oyasumi Hologram that you’d like to share? What do you think of them? Which member is your oshimen? Let me know!


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