Top Idol Songs of 2018: 41-50

Well, 2018 has come to a close and it's been a rather eventful year in the world of Japanese idols. On one hand, we had some great debuts, fun overseas performances, and memorable songs. On the other hand, I can't think of a year that has had as many high profile graduations and breakups as … Continue reading Top Idol Songs of 2018: 41-50

An Introduction to Oyasumi Hologram

Tomorrow, Oyasumi Hologram will be starting their WORLD 27 TOUR, where they will perform in California, New York, and Philadelphia from November 1st-November 11th. I unfortunately can't make it, but I'd like to write an introduction to the group for anyone who is going or anyone who, like me, can't go, but is interested in … Continue reading An Introduction to Oyasumi Hologram

Oyasumi Hologram – Neuromancer Call Guide Credit to 手汗太郎 for the original video: Aside from the calls and brief furicopy part I point out in the video, you'll notice people are pretty much doing their own thing. Feel free to copy the members' moves, dance, or generally enjoy the song in your own way (as long as you're not … Continue reading Oyasumi Hologram – Neuromancer Call Guide

(CLOSED) Free Oyasumi Hologram VIP Ticket Giveaway (Worth $200)!

Here at Yes Tiger, we have exciting news: we have partnered up with Derek Vasconi to give away a free VIP ticket for Oyasumi Hologram's special acoustic VIP show with Toriena on November 4th in Fremont, California! Giveaway Rules and How to Enter You can enter the giveaway up to three times: once on this … Continue reading (CLOSED) Free Oyasumi Hologram VIP Ticket Giveaway (Worth $200)!