Top Idol Songs of 2018: 21-30

Hey guys, I'm back with part three of my top 50 idol songs of 2018! If you haven't read parts one and two, you can read them here and here. We're into the thirties now! 30. GU-GU LULU - Caution GU-GU LULU was probably one of the most anticipated new groups in 2018 and … Continue reading Top Idol Songs of 2018: 21-30

Recommended Idol Songs: Jan-Feb 2018

I listen to and watch a bunch of idol content, so I plan to do a monthly recommended song, PV, and album list, however, since Yes Tiger! didn't exist in January, I'm going to combine January and February to start out. I'm beginning with my recommended songs; there were a lot of songs I liked … Continue reading Recommended Idol Songs: Jan-Feb 2018