Idol Pass: Savior of Wallets?! A DD’s Dream?!

Idol Pass is a coupon book that is sold four times a year and features a wide selection of coupons for your favorite groups nationwide! The coupon book is sold separately in two different types: ‘Kanto (A) + East Japan’ and ‘Kanto (B) + West Japan’, and feature coupons for groups in their respective region. … Continue reading Idol Pass: Savior of Wallets?! A DD’s Dream?!

Honey Bunny [蜜兎(ハニバニ)] – Introduction Profile-

Honey Bunny [蜜兎(ハニバニ)] Overview: Produced and managed by Ash Entertainment, 蜜兎(ハニバニ) or Honey Bunny, is a Nagoya based idol group that began activities back in May 2015. The group’s concept is an “Electric Girls Unit” and the sound of their music very much so reflects that concept. Prior to May 2015, the group went under … Continue reading Honey Bunny [蜜兎(ハニバニ)] – Introduction Profile-