48/46G Variety Show Roundup #1

Guess what, guys? I’ve made a decision to try to get into 48G again and 46G for the first time. Don’t worry, all you underground idol fans, I’m not fully switching over to mainstream idols or anything like that, I just want to broaden my horizons and have some good idol TV shows to watch. Plus, I need to practice my Japanese listening skills and what better way than through idol shows?

Most of the 48G girls that I was a fan of have graduated now or are in NGT and to be honest, I’m a bit iffy about NGT right now for reasons that you probably understand. I’ve never really gotten to know any of the 46G girls except for Marika Ito, who as you may know, graduated. So, this will be a bit of a journey for me and I’ll probably sound like a total noob. But hey, if you’re interested in learning more about 48G and 46G or you want to know what episodes of variety shows are worth watching, I’m going to start a series where I summarize and review new variety episodes, talk about if they’re worth watching without Japanese knowledge, and point out the girls that I think stood out the most in a positive (or negative, I guess) way. Not sure if I’ll continue with it or not, I guess this is a bit of an experiment.

Today, it’s just 46G. Since I know the least about them, might as start with them!

Keyakitte, Kakenai? Episode #164

Release Date: 1/28/19


Summary: In this episode, the MCs inform the girls that they will be doing a location shooting in Miyagi Prefecture and having a competition to see which girls get to go. Akane Moriya and Nijika Ishimori are both from Miyagi prefecture, so as you’d expect, they get the most screen time. The episode consists of a Miyagi quiz with a drawing segment and spoken segment and a variation of the U.S.A. Game where instead of saying facts about America, they say a fact about one of the members.

Difficulty: ☆☆
(☆ – You don’t need Japanese knowledge to get a lot of enjoyment out of this episode
☆☆ – You don’t need Japanese knowledge to get enjoyment out of this episode, but you’ll definitely miss out on some of the best moments
☆☆☆ – You might not enjoy it very much without Japanese knowledge)

A lot of the episode’s humor lies in the answers that the girls give, so some of it might go over your head, but it’s still a pretty hilarious episode with funny drawings and lots of cute moments.

Should I watch it?
Yes, if you’re a Keyaki fan, I think you’ll love this episode and it’s a must-see if you’re interested in Akane or Nijika. It might sound boring from the description I gave, but it’s actually pretty hilarious and features lots of silly comments, Akane and Nijika running around like crazy, and just a lot of personality from the members. A lot of different members get screen time, so I think it’s a good episode for getting to know the group.

Stand-out members:

Well, like I said, being from Miyagi, Akane Moriya and Nijika Ishimori get the most screen time. To level out the field a bit, they make the two girls run up two floors to hit a buzzer to answer any of the Miyagi related questions, which is pretty entertaining.


Personally, I thought Nijika was really cute. Akane probably had more stand out moments out of the two Miyagi members, but man, Nijika is adorable. I could easily see myself liking her the most out of the Keyakizaka members.


The other member that really stood out to me is Mizuho Habu. She already stands out physically, being the tallest member of Keyakizaka46, but she’s also incredibly hilarious. There were at least three times where her responses had me laughing out loud. If she’s always this funny, I think she’ll end up being one of my favorites.

Hiragana Oshi Episode #41

Release Date: 1/28/19


Summary: The Hiragana members each come up with ideas for the show going forward and talk about them and at the end, one of them is chosen. The ideas include things like Kasuga (one of the MCs) changing his style, a comedy episode with gags and monomanes, a driving episode featuring the members with licenses, a mix of an athletic competition and a Hiragana song quiz, and the members chasing around Kasuga with a blindfold.

Difficulty: ☆☆
(☆ – You don’t need Japanese knowledge to get a lot of enjoyment out of this episode
☆☆ – You don’t need Japanese knowledge to get enjoyment out of this episode, but you’ll definitely miss out on some of the best moments
☆☆☆ – You might not enjoy it very much without Japanese knowledge)

It’s a kind of talk heavy episode, but it features a lot of obvious humor regarding the MCs and some funny parts with the members and reptiles and the members chasing around Kasuga that you don’t need to know Japanese to enjoy.

Should I watch it?
Probably not, unless you’re a huge Hiragana Keyaki fan. The part with them chasing around Kasuga in blindfolds was pretty hilarious, but other than that, I found myself kind of bored, especially since they featured the MCs more than the girls.

Stand-out members:


Akari Nibu stood out the most to me. Her laughter at dumb things is contagious, her expressions are great, and she seems to not be afraid to say or do what she wants.


Kyoko Saito has a really unique, low voice for an idol that immediately caused me to take notice. She also seems to be really good at talking. She seems like she’d do well as an MC or on the radio.

Nogizaka Under Construction Episode #190

Release Date: 1/21/19


Summary: The 4th generation Nogizaka members are featured for the first time! The members that fans are familiar with introduce the new members, with each new member getting 5-8 minutes of time to appeal to wota. This episode features Haruka Kaki, Yuna Shibata, and Mio Yakubo.


Haruka was born in Tochigi but spent a significant portion of her life in the Kansai region, so she shows off both her Tochigi-ben and Kansai-ben. She talks about her love for Mizuki Yamashita and how she was the reason she tried out. She also loves to make anime OCs, draw them, and design stories for them. What a nerd. Haruka also drew Bananaman with her and Mizuki. Her drawing skills are quite good.


Yuna is very athletic and particularly good at rhythmic gymnastics. She shows off her ribbon twirling abilities and flexibility. Yuna’s very graceful when it comes to athletics, but also seems to have a bit of a silly side. Apparently, she sometimes sleeps like this, which is absolutely ridiculous:



Mio is described by the members as having ojou-sama vibes, but she’s a huge idol otaku, with her favorite groups being the 46 groups, =LOVE, and Jyujyu. Yes, Jyujyu. You know she’s an actual idol wota when she’s talking about Jyujyu on a show that seems to trend in Japan every week. Mio’s oshi is Sayuri Matsumura and she shows off her idol skills by doing a Kana Nakada call for Oide Shampoo and a Sayuri call for Muhyoujou. She’s also a really picky eater who doesn’t like most vegetables, meats, or seafood.

(☆ – You don’t need Japanese knowledge to get a lot of enjoyment out of this episode
☆☆ – You don’t need Japanese knowledge to get enjoyment out of this episode, but you’ll definitely miss out on some of the best moments
☆☆☆ – You might not enjoy it very much without Japanese knowledge)

This episode is mostly the new members showing off their special skills and hobbies, so I’d recommend it regardless of Japanese level.

Should I watch it?
Yes, definitely! It’s a good point to jump in if you don’t know a lot about Nogizaka because, well, no one really knows about these members, and the fourth generation seems like a great one. It’s also just a really funny episode.

Stand-out members:

All three of the featured new members were pretty great, especially Haruka and Mio. The other new members didn’t really get any screen time, but Rei Seimiya started off the episode by crying, so you might want to look into her if you’re a fan of crybaby idols.


The fact that Haruka actually makes anime OCs and full backstories for them makes her pretty awesome in my book. I’m interested in learning more about her.


The real stand out, though, was Mio. Her segment was probably the best eight or so minutes of television I’ve watched in a long time. I’m a fan of idols that are wota and she already caught my interest by being a fan of Jyujyu, but she’s also incredibly pretty, funny, and makes great facial expressions. Despite being a Matsumura oshi, she ended up messing up her call pretty badly, which led to lots of laughs. Mio’s great and, honestly, she’s really caught my interest. She’s already become my Nogizaka oshi and I can’t see anyone taking that crown away. If you like Nogizaka at all or have any desire to learn more about them, please watch this episode and see if Mio catches your interest as much as she did mine!

Nogizaka Under Construction Episode #191

Release Date: 1/28/19


Summary: So, this is a continuation of the last episode and introduces four more 4th gen members: Sakura Endo, Ayame Tsutsui, Saya Kanagawa, and Yuri Kitagawa.


Sakura’s family runs a soba restaurant in Aichi prefecture and the MCs try it and read a nice letter that her mom wrote to them. Apparently it’s pretty good, so it might be something to try if you’re in Aichi and a Nogi fan. The restaurant information is probably already out there knowing wota. She also plays clarinet well and the members do a quiz with her where she tries to give them hints about the things she likes just by playing her clarinet.


Ayame is fourteen years old and the youngest member of Nogizaka46. Despite being the youngest member, everyone comments that she’s very mature and seems like a grandma. It’s easy to see why, she’s fairly quiet, skilled at calligraphy, and her hobby is knitting. She’s knitted things like gloves and tote bags and even knitted a hat for one of the MCs. Aside from that, she also showed off her Stitch monomane, but seemed pretty embarrassed about it.


Saya has lived in Hokkaido for her whole life, so she teaches a bit of Hokkaido-ben to the members. She’s good at basketball and has been in the basketball club for years, but she’s bad at tongue twisters and demonstrates both of those things to us.


Yuri was born in California and lived there from birth to age two and 2nd-5th grade. Because of this, she can speak English really well and does a self introduction in English. She’s also good at playing mandolin and making flip books and shows off both of those skills.

Should I watch it?
Well, I didn’t think this batch of members were as entertaining as last episode, but I’m still really liking the 4th gen and think it’s 100% worth the watch.

Stand-out members:

Yuri and Ayame, definitely.


Ayame’s contrast between her age and her character is pretty entertaining and I think she could have some good variety moments in the future.


Yuri speaks English, yes, but she mostly stood out to me because of her voice. It’s so soothing! I could listen to her talk in English or Japanese forever…plus she has some pretty interesting hobbies.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue doing write-ups like this, so if you’d like to see more, please let me know! Who are your favorite 46G members? What do you think of the members that caught my eye? Do you love Mio Yakubo as much as I do?

One thought on “48/46G Variety Show Roundup #1

  1. I’m only a few months into my 48G/Sakamichi fandom (spent the autumn and winter learning what there is to learn about Keyaki), so I’m trying to hop on the Nogizaka wagon with the 4th gen and the scattered clips I’ve seen of older material. I guess I have a list of favorites in Keyaki, but my first love will always be Suzumon AKA Suzumoto Miyu. Captain Sugai Yuuka and Vice Captain Moriya Akane follow closely after on that list while others fluctuate.

    On Nogichuu: Rei definitely hit me with her tears. It helps that just before they switched cameras to Momoko most of us were probably thinking of her and the pay off was solid. Since then I’ve gone back and watched her audition showroom streams where she mentions being a Momoko oshi even if she likes everyone. Generally, she seems like a bright and talkative girl so the nerves must’ve really gotten to her. Can’t wait to see her introduction. I wonder if she’ll bring up that she moved to the states for a bit, because 4th gen actually has two Cali girls.
    As for the others, I agree, the first trio introduced were more engaging to watch, and Mio’s built-in skits were great.

    It’s also nice to see more Nijika on Keyakake since it feels like it’s been a little while she had any time to shine. Akanen and Habu really play up their roles in this episode to great effect. I hope things finally work out for Nen this time. Maybe after Momoko and Rei, I should really take it to mean something that the first time I fell for Nen was the first time she cried out of competitiveness and frustration.


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