To All of the Precious People Who Support Me (Erina Kamiya Graduation Blog Translation)

I’ve decided to translate the graduation posts for the five Alice Juban/Kamen Joshi members that recently announced graduation. If you haven’t already read Maipu, Mana, and Nodoka’s announcements, you can read them herehere, and here.

Disclaimer: This is a rough translation and I am not even close to an expert at Japanese. Still, I think it’s better than Google Translate and hopefully I can help some fans anyway.


It’s Kamen Joshi’s Erina Kamiya.

At last, the time has come to say these words to everyone who has supported me.

I, Erina Kamiya, will graduate from Kamen Joshi and Alice Juban and leave Alice Project on 11/30/2018.

It was a decision that I talked over with Alice Project staff a lot and was troubled about.

It’s been about seven years since I joined Alice Project. I was able to meet a lot of people that made me happy.

It’s because of all of the fans, staff, managers, and other members’ support that I was able to make it to where I am now.

I released six DVDs and one photobook and have done gravure for various magazines. I acted in Alice Film Collection short films, as well as the full-length movies “Umi ni Noseta Gazu no Yume” and “Eri Maki Onna ~Yami no Assassin~” and the SBS drama “Chou Do S Night no Yoru”. I’ve also been active as a model, appearing in fashion magazines for girls and walking the runway. I’ve appeared on a large number of well-known variety shows and was a regular variety MC for SBS and an assistant MC for Gorgeous’s videos. I got to be myself and be a nonsensical YouTuber. I’ve been involved with voice acting, motorcycles, and video games…I’ve been able to collaborate with a lot of different people and work in a lot of different industries.

Of course, I have mainly been constantly performing lives as an underground idol in Kamen Joshi.

I’ve done various activities and you all have different reasons for getting to know me and meeting me, but thank you for making me a part of your life.

In this vast world that has as about many idols as there are stars in the sky, thank you for choosing to meet me. To everyone who has become an Erina oshi and to everyone that has cheered for me, truly, thank you.

I couldn’t act like a typical idol, but I’m happy that we could laugh and smile together in the same place and treasure fun times together anyway. I wonder if you all feel the same way?

I think this decision is definitely meaningful and meeting everyone has been meaningful. Everything up until this point has been meaningful and nothing has been futile. From now on, I think I will continue to search for my own answers to the things that do not have a correct answer.

I will continue walking with my feet on the ground with my will set on reaching the landmarks that I wish to achieve.

It’s through Alice Project that I met everyone, so if it wasn’t for the agency, I definitely wouldn’t be the way I am today.

To the Alice Project staff members, my fellow group members, and lastly, all of my fans, thank you very, very much for everything you have done.

Instead of feeling lonely that we will soon be apart, I want to express my feelings of gratitude.
These seven years have been a treasure to me that money cannot buy.

My graduation ceremony will be on 11/23.
It will be at the Kamen Joshi Cafe.
I’m sorry for the sudden announcement.
If you can somehow make it to my last performance, I will be happy.

The night performance on 11/10 will be my seitansai and it will be my last seitansai as Kamen Joshi’s Erina Kamiya. I want to have a fun time together with all of you.



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