I’m Graduating As An Idol!!! (Nodoka Sakura Graduation Blog Post)

I’ve decided to translate the graduation posts for the five Alice Juban/Kamen Joshi members that recently announced graduation. If you haven’t already read Maipu’s and Mana’s announcements, you can read them here and here.

Disclaimer: This is a rough translation and I am not even close to an expert at Japanese. Still, I think it’s better than Google Translate and hopefully I can help some fans anyway.

I’m Kamen Joshi’s leader, Nodoka Sakura.


I will be happy if you read until the end.

I, Nodoka Sakura, am graduating from Kamen Joshi by the end of the year.

However, after I graduate, I will continue doing activities with Alice Project.
I’m sorry if I surprised anyone with this sudden announcement.

I’ve realized that I’ve been performing as an underground idol for eight years.
When I think about the amount of years that I’ve been doing this and the frequency of my performances, I think, “Maybe I’ve done the most performances in Japan!?”
In Kamen Joshi, Alice Juban, and Pureful, I was active as the leader from the start.
At the beginning, I was an unreliable, no good leader, but thanks to the support of many people, including the members, staff, and fans, before I knew it, I became a leader that the other members could rely on!! Thank you very much.

All of the members that I performed with in the early days have graduated and I’ve realized that the only original Alice Juban members that are left are me and Anna-chan.
“Anna-chan is also graduating and I will have seen all of the original members graduate in front of my eyes, so I wonder if it’s finally my turn…” I thought.

I love Kamen Joshi and Alice Juban.
In these eight years, I recklessly only saw what was directly in front of me.
Spending the days doing my best with everyone was fun. It couldn’t be helped.
The support of all of the fans was my greatest encouragement!!
Lately, the amount of members that are junior to me has greatly increased, but everyone is doing their best and putting in all of their effort, and with these girls, it will be okay.
I think I can entrust the future of Kamen Joshi to these girls.
I have definitely devoted my life these past eight years to Kamen Joshi.
I made the most out of my life as an idol!!! I truly have no regrets!!!

I have several dreams that I’ve had for a long time.

I want to live my life as an actress.
I want to be an animal rights activist and make a world where zero animals are culled.

I talked with Alice Project staff members and they respected my dreams. From now on, I won’t be a part of Kamen Joshi, but I will continue to be active individually as Nodoka Sakura, the actress and animal rights activist.

Up until now, part of me has depended on Kamen Joshi. I think that being active in entertainment as an individual will be really intense and I will have lots and lots of hardships.

However, I want to fulfill what I declared at Saitama Super Arena.

There are absolutely no dreams that can’t come true!
From now on, we will continue to prove that!!!

I want to use the skills I’ve cultivated in Kamen Joshi to perform in plays and experience things I can’t experience ordinarily.

After I graduate, the chances for fans to see me will decrease and it might make you feel lonely.
However, I will definitely work to perform in things where I can see all of you!
That being the case, I would still like you to use your energy to come and see me every day before I graduate (*´ェ`*)ノ Lolol
After I graduate, please support me as the actress Nodoka Sakura!!


Nodoka Sakura


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