To My Beloved Fans (Mai Mizusawa Graduation Blog Post)

I don’t think any of these blog posts have been translated, so I’m going to translate the graduation blogs of the five Alice Juban members who announced graduation. I’m starting with Maipu’s because it’s relatively short.

Disclaimer: This is a rough translation and I am not even close to an expert at Japanese. Still, I think it’s better than Google Translate and hopefully I can help some fans anyway.

Good evening ( ^ω^ )
It’s Mai Mizusawa ふんわり風船ハート

Thank you very much to everyone
who commented on my last blog post ラブラブ
Also, thank you very much to everyone who
liked my last blog post (^_-)





I have an announcement to make to all of my beloved fans.




I, Mai Mizusawa, will graduate from Alice Juban and Kamen Joshi
on 12/29/2018.


I have had a really wonderful time in Alice Project
with my fellow group members that are important to me
and everyone who has cheered me on and given me love.


Since I was in elementary school, I loved to sing and dance
and it was my dream to stand on a big stage.

Kamen Joshi made my dream come true.




I am truly so grateful.
Thank you very much.


I am happy that I was able to become a Kamen Joshi member
from the bottom of my heart.



“I want to be promoted,
I want to sing solo lines,
I want to perform as the center,
I want to be in magazines,
I want to be on the front cover of magazines,
I want to do gravure,
I want to perform abroad”

I had goals like that and as they were achieved, I would keep coming up
with new ones.



I started in Slime Girls
and now, I’ve made it to the top unit, Alice Juban.
Now, I’ve been thinking, “What’s my next goal?”
and I don’t have any goals in Kamen Joshi like I did before.



So, I decided to graduate.

My answer after thinking for a long, long time
is that I want to take a new step forward
as my own woman.


Until the last day, I will be performing with all of my might,
so if you continue cheering for me like before, I will be happy.

Thank you for your support.


Thank you very, very much!


I love you all.


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