I Have An Announcement For Everyone (Mana Sakamoto Graduation Blog Post)

I’ve decided to translate the graduation posts for the five Alice Juban/Kamen Joshi members that recently announced graduation. If you haven’t already read Maipu’s, you can read it here.

To everyone who is constantly cheering me on,
I have an announcement.




I am graduating from Kamen Joshi and Alice Juban
and leaving Alice Project.



I was 16 years old
when I joined Alice Project
and became an idol.


About five and a half years ago,
I decided to stop going to school
and throw away my youth as an ordinary girl to be in Alice Project.


Since I was young, I wanted to be in the entertainment industry.
At the place where that dream came true,
I had a lot of special experiences
and my time there was very meaningful.


I got to do things like be on monomane TV shows,
do variety work,
and be a YouTuber.
They made me happy to the point that I couldn’t believe it.


As well as that, I was able to become a member of Kamen Joshi
and do something that was a goal for me for a long time,
be promoted to my beloved Alice Juban.


For a long time, my days were just filled with performances.
I thought that I didn’t need anything more than that,
but I turned 22
and decided that I wanted to challenge myself
and do new things in my life.


Recently, I unexpectedly discovered that I had a heart disease
and had surgery for the first time in my life.


I felt anxiety about things and
decided to graduate.



I’m graduating as an idol and
will also be graduating as a YouTuber
in Pink Crackers.



My Kamen Joshi and Alice Juban graduation ceremony
will be at the evening performance on 12/2
at the Kamen Joshi Cafe.


I want everyone that I have met up until now
to come see my final performance!

Of course, if you still haven’t seen me perform live, but would like to,
I would also like you to come!


There’s only a short time from now until I graduate,
but until then, I hope that a lot of people come to see me,
and I would be happy if you all continue to cheer me on until the end.


Until I graduate, please continue to support me!!



Kamen Joshi Alice Juban
Mana Sakamoto



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