Produce 48 Episode 1: Reaction and Recap

Produce 48, the show everyone has been talking about! I haven't watched any of it and have somehow avoided most spoilers, so it's time for me to finally crawl out from the rock I'm living under and give it a watch. I was a huge fan of 48G from mid-2013 to early 2016. Since then, … Continue reading Produce 48 Episode 1: Reaction and Recap

Weekly Idol News: 7/2/-7/8

Jurina is going on hiatus, Iori and Chiharu perform in their last live as Nogizaka46 members, Kanon graduates from Kamen Joshi, Akishibu Project gets new members, AKB Janken details announced, MIGMA SHELTER members graduate, and more in this week's idol news! This Week’s Releases Singles: 7/3: WT☆Egret - Muteki Dancing! 7/4: BiS1st - Don't miss … Continue reading Weekly Idol News: 7/2/-7/8