Weekly Idol News: 7/23-7/29

Beboga and Babyraids JAPAN are disbanding, Keyakizaka released the PV for their new single, GEM members are back, Kaqriyo Terror Architect and LinQ get new members, Morning Musume ’18 is performing in America, and more in this week’s idol news!

This Week’s Releases


Yui Sakurai – Koi wa Lemoniro

BABY CHEERS NX – Doki Doki Darling
Chuning Candy – S.T.L.
HALLCA – Aperitif e.p
Obento Idole – Hikari Resume
petit milady – Sekaijuu ga Koi wo Suru Yoru
sora tob sakana – New Stranger
Yui Ogura – Eien Shounen
Yui Yamamoto – Yoi Stop
Yumemiru Adolescence – Melon Soda
Yuu Serizawa – Saiaku na Hi Demo Anata ga Suki.


Monari Wakita – Ahead!
Tokyo Rockets – ANGEL NOIZ

Last Week’s Oricon Rankings

2nd: Tsubaki Factory – Date no Hi wa Nido Kurai Shower Shite Dekaketai/Junjou cm/Konya Dake Ukaretakatta – 58,170 (NEW)
4th: SKE48 – Ikinari Punchline – 21,763 (up)
8th: HKT48 – Hayaokuri Calendar – 13,472 (up)
32nd: NGT48 – Haru wa Doko Kara Kuru no ka? – 2,182 (down)
35th: BiS2nd – Don’t miss it!! – 2,095 (up)
37th: BiS1st – Don’t miss it!! – 1,825 (up)
43rd: Morning Musume ’18 – Are you Happy?/A gonna – 1,578 (down)
47th: Electric Ribbon – COLOR*COLOR – 1,384 (NEW)

23rd: Hiragana Keyakizaka46 – Hashiridasu Shunkan – 2,705 (same)

Major PV and Song Releases

Keyakizaka46 released the PV for their new single Ambivalent on 7/26. The single releases on 8/15. It’s blocked in America, but if you have a VPN or it’s not blocked in your country, give it a watch.

Nogizaka46 released a PV for Kokoro no Monologue on 7/26. It is a B-side featuring Mai Shiraishi and Nanase Nishino off the upcoming single Jikochuu de Ikou!, which will be released on 8/8.

Kobushi Factory released the PV for Kitto Watashi wa on 7/23. It is a track off the single Kitto Watashi wa/Nasebanaru, which will be released on 8/8.

Team Syachihoko and RADIO FISH released a PV for BURNING FESTIVAL on 7/26. The single will be released on 8/29. RADIO FISH is most well known for PERFECT HUMAN. Huh, I didn’t expect this collaboration.

HOLY SHiTS (the WACK unit of Chicchi Cent Chihiro, Maika Kyan GP, Peri Ubu, MUROPANAKO, Hana Toriaezu, and MAHO EMPiRE) released a PV for WACK is SHiT on 7/26. You can legally download the song for free here.

AOP released the PV for their upcoming single, Koi ni Saku Nazo, Haraharato, on 7/25. The single will be released on 8/22. It is the opening theme for the currently airing Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes anime.

Yurumerumo! released the PV for Watashi e on 7/24. It is a track off their best album Ongaku yo Maware!! MUSIC GO ROUND ~Yurubest!~ that was released on 5/9.

Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. released a PV for Mesu Genome Phenomenon on 7/24. It is a track off their recently released album, NEORDER NATION.

Rock A Japonica released a live video of DIVE TO VIEWS on 7/27.

Underground PV and Song Releases

sora tob sakana released a PV for Hakken on 7/25. It is a coupling track to their single New Stranger that was also released on 7/25.

Koutei Camera Girl Drei released the PV for Slowly World on 7/23. It is a track off their upcoming mini album, New Way of Lovin’, which will be out 8/29.

Namennayo Harajuku released a PV for Omoide Lens Filter on 7/25. I can’t really explain why, but I love this song. I’m extremely biased towards Namennayo Harajuku, though.

Junsui Cafe Latte released a PV for Yumemi Ressha on 7/27.

Former DEEP GIRL member Riico released a PV for Where’s Happiness? on 7/26. The single was released on 7/14.

ENGAG.ING released a PV for Koi Saki Hanabi, the title track off their recently released 2nd single, on 7/26. The single was released on 6/30.

PINKYCASE released a PV for ENJOY-MAN on 7/26.

KING RAGE (previously known as Checkmate) released live videos for Survivor DEATH and Abarerorero this week.

Mikansei Lip Sparkle (Milispa) released a live video for Tasogare Auftakt on 7/23.

Astraia released a live video for Shoooooting☆star! on 7/25.

THE BANANA MONKEYS released Viewtiful World on Soundcloud.

PiiiiiiiN released a bunch of new songs on Soundcloud here.

Release Announcements


Former BiS member and current soloist Tentenko is releasing her debut international album on pink vinyl on 9/21. I’m sure some of you will want to get your hands on this.

New Groups


A new idol group that focuses on energetic and cool dance and vocals has been announced: ONE CHANCE. It is a ten member group that has four former GEM members in it: Sara Hirano, Jurin Kumashiro, Kako Oguri, and Hirari Nishida. I’m pretty excited to see what kind of stuff they’ll put out.

It was announced that the seven remaining IQ Project kenkyuusei members that weren’t put into LinQ will be forming their own new group called Hello Youth.


Astraia debuted on 7/25. They focus on being as pure, clean, and orthodox idol as possible. Astraia is BELL AGENCY’s new group, the same agency that DISDOL, Tokyo Illuminati, COLOR’z, and Setsuna SONIC are under. Ayasa and Kiara have both been active as satsueikai models and solo idols.


Neat and clean debuted on 7/27. It is the new group from ONEtoONE Agency, the same agency that CANDY GO GO, Underbeasty, and TEARS are under. Some of the girls definitely have previous entertainment experience with their number of followers, but I’m not exactly sure what they did.


MONSTER GIRLFRIEND debuted on 7/28. They are associated with 2.5D Production, who also manages DAOKO, and the members all work at the KAIJU MUSUME 6 restaurant in Roppongi. The members have previously worked as models, singers, and DJs.


sugar&strawberry debuted on 7/28. It is a two member unit that has the concepts of yurufuwa, magical girls, and pink. Hina Haruna is also a satsueikai model, odottemita dancer, and member of Planon and Kobato Kinomoto has worked as a maid.

New Members

Kaqriyo Terror Architect announced two new members, Sento Namida Maru and Sumomo, on 7/26 and they debuted on 7/29. Sento Namida Maru was previously active in Yanderu Watashi to Yamanai Ame as Risa Mochizuki and Yurutto Kakumeidan as Nano Usami.

IQ Project kenkyuusei/BudlaB members Riona Suzumoto and Miyu Kaneko were announced as LinQ members on 7/29. They will debut at Tokyo Idol Festival on 8/4. Riona is 16 years old, likes yuruchara and shopping, and is good at Othello and baton twirling. Miyu is 14 years old, likes listening to K-Pop and naps, and is good at making good faces and being brave.

Tsutsumi and Tamago Mizuno joined SAKA-SAMA on 7/28. They will debut with the group on 8/9. Tsutsumi likes the anime Di Gi Charat and Mizuno really likes fellow member Kokone.


Hina Hinata debuted with Miniskirt Police on 7/28.

Nau Hazuki and Tsuyu Aoki debuted in HIROSHIMA GO! GO! on 7/28. Nau’s member color is light blue, she loves umeboshi, and she is a novice in the idol world. Tsuyu’s member color is blue and she likes to read.

Hakuchumu project has two new members: Kei Umino and Meru Sakura. Kei is 20 years old, her member color is white, and she is 149 cm tall (between 4’10” and 4’11”). Meru’s member color is pink and she likes idols (particularly Momoclo’s Ayaka Sasaki), karaage, dolphins, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Cinnamoroll. The two members debut on 8/18.


Maho Ichika joined Meiai Help youth! on 7/29. She calls herself a ponkotsu, says she doesn’t take many pictures of herself, and hopes she’ll be somewhere around your third favorite idol.

Honey Bunny will be getting new members on 8/15.

Seishun Youth Academy will be having a new member debut on 8/5.

Disbanding Groups


Beboga! announced that they are disbanding on 9/23. There wasn’t really a reason given. This one hurts. I’ve seen them live a couple times and met Perorin and Cocoa briefly, but I really wanted to see them again. I know Perorin will be continuing with Dempagumi.inc, but that is a much bigger group so it’ll be pretty difficult and expensive to ever see her again. It also seems like a really awkward time for them to disband, with them just being signed to a major label. My theory is that maybe Perorin wanted to quit and go Dempa full time and they thought Beboga couldn’t last without her, but she seems sad that Beboga didn’t make it to Budokan, so it’s probably management BS.


Babyraids JAPAN is disbanding on 9/24. The members and staff all had different ideas on where they wanted the group to go and came to the conclusion that they had to disband. Wow, two huge announcements in one week. I know this is a tough one for a lot of people and it came as a surprise to me. I haven’t really followed the members and I admit I haven’t liked their newer stuff like I did their older songs, but it’s always sad to see idol groups go.

G☆Girls is disbanding on 9/16. The members and staff together came to the conclusion that they should dissolve the group.

All of the members of Secret3 will graduate on 8/12 because none of them are renewing the contracts. The three girls are ex-Himeniwa (Princess Garden) members and performed Himeniwa and CANDYIISTRIPE_NEO songs in the group.

Jumps disbanded on 7/29. The stated reason is because Sayo Tenka broke the rules, the trust between the members and staff was broken, and it became difficult to continue activites.

Graduations, Withdrawals, and Dismissals


Emo graduated from Oyasumi Sekai on 7/27. Her physical condition has been bad for a long time and she wasn’t recovering. She did not have a graduation live.

Ai Kozakura graduated from Fukuoka based group CRUiSE! on 7/28. She was on hiatus to focus on school and intended to come back, but couldn’t come up with a plan to return that would be compatible with her school activities. She will not be holding a graduation live.

Nanaka withdrew from Nagoya based group FAREWELL, MY L.u.v on 7/24.

Honoka graduated from Aichi based group La Hana no Tami on 7/28 to focus on school exams.

Fuuwa graduated from jubilee jubilee on 7/29 because she wanted to focus on different things.

Graduation, Withdrawal, and Dismissal Announcements


Mau Takahashi announced graduation from NGT48 on 7/25. She plans to graduate from the group at the end of September. She wants to focus on studying for the things she wants to do in the future. Mau felt satisfied with what she had done as an idol when she got promoted from a kenkyuusei to a Team NIII member after almost three years and decided to graduate. She is 17 years old and was part of the 3rd single’s senbatsu, Haru wa Doko kara kuru no ka.


An Ogura is graduating from Kirameki☆Unforent on 8/5 to focus on her studies.

Urara Senjuu is graduating from PPPPiXiON and TOKYOPiXiON on 8/29 to focus on her studies and study abroad.

Anna Ogura has decided not to renew her contract with Kimi ga Watashi dake no Oujisama Dattara and will be graduating from the group. Her graduation date has not yet been decided.

Ririka is graduating from Oyasumi Sekai on 8/8 because of her poor physical health.

Ichika Shinonome is graduating from XTEEN on 8/14 to go after her dream.

Ayuna is graduating from ViviD★RinG on 9/1.

Haruna Ichinose will be graduating from Papipupepo wa Muzukashii in mid to late August. She wants to focus all of her time on her other group, Yomosue.

Miharu is graduating from Prism Bell at the end of August.


Honey Bunny members Piano and Urara are transferring to a new group in the same agency that will debut on 8/15. I’m a big fan of Piano, so I’ll be following this new group.

Ame is transferring from YouTuber Idol to Jekyll and Hyde on 8/5.

Other 48/46G News



34 candidates passed the audition for AKB48 China, the new AKS venture into China after the SNH split, and became Team SH first generation research members. They received approximately 40,000 applications from six cities in China. The members will be trained by a joint team of Japanese and Chinese professionals and will also have overseas training camps. AKB48 China’s current members range in age from 16-23. Liu Nie and Mao Weijia were on Produce 101 China, Wan Fangzhou used to be in a Chinese idol group that has collaborated with Ladybeard called ATF, Wang Yuke was in a Chinese idol group formed by former Morning Musume member Linlin called Idol School, and Yang Xuening has gained attention previously as a cosplayer.


Majimuri Gakuen, the 7th season of Majisuka Gakuen, started airing on 7/25. Team 8 member/Teacher Teacher center Yui Oguri is the lead.

The AKB48 members that will be performing as AKB48 at Tokyo Idol Festival 2018 have been announced. These members are Rena Kato, Mion Mukaichi, Yui Yokoyama, Haruka Komiyama, Minami Minegishi, Shinobu Mogi, Shizuka Oya, Yuki Kashiwagi, Yukari Sasaki, Megu Taniguchi, Seina Fukuoka, Miyu Omori, Nana Okada, Saya Kawamoto, Ma-Chia Ling, and Yuiri Murayama. Quite the all star crew.


Juri Takahashi’s photobook Aimai na Jibun was released on 7/24.

The trailer for the live action Nisekoi, based on the manga of the same name, has been released. Former member Haruka Shimazaki plays one of the main characters, Marika Tachibana. It is about two high school students, Raku and Chitoge, who are forced to pretend to be in a relationship to reduce the friction between their two yakuza families, even though they hate each other. Marika is one of Raku’s romantic interests. The movie will be released in theaters on 12/21.


Former member Nana Owada will be playing one of the lead roles in the upcoming Libra of Nil Admirari stage play, Tsugumi Kuze. It is an adaptation of a Playstation Vita game. Tsugumi is the eldest daughter of the noble Kuze family and is set to marry a man she doesn’t know to return the family’s name to its former glory, but before she can do that, her brother mysteriously commits suicide. The play will run in Tokyo from 11/1-11/11.


Team 8 member Nao Ota revealed that her upcoming first photobook will be released on 10/11. It was shot in Korea in July.

Team 8 member Momoka Onishi revealed that her upcoming first photobook will be released on 10/3. It will contain her first swimsuit and lingerie pictures and was shot in Cebu Island this summer.



Former member Miori Ichikawa collaborated with Okinawa based idol group Chuning Candy on 7/24.



The lineup for NGT48’s fourth single has been announced. Yuka Ogino will be center and it will be her 2nd senbatsu center after Sekai wa Doko Made Aozora na no ka. It will be a smaller senbatsu than the last single, with all the same members in but Anju Sato, Fuka Murakumo, Yuria Kado, Aina Kusakabe, Reina Seiji, Mau Takahashi, and Miyajima Aya out. Rie Kitahara is also out, but that’s kind of obvious since she has graduated from the group.



Yumiko Takino got a Twitter account this week. Yumiko is 20 years old and the current center of the group. You can follow her here.

Members of STU48 have been fundraising at the AKB48 theater and NGT48 theater in order to raise money to repair the damage that happened recently in Setouchi.


Yurina Hirate has been appointed as the spokesperson for Yakult, a popular probiotic dairy product brand.

Other Hello! Project/UFP News


Morning Musume ’18 will be performing in New York as part of the Anisong World Matsuri on 11/16-11/17. It is part of the Anime NYC anime convention. Their performance will be on 11/17 at the Hammerstein Ballroom, but they will also be having a panel and autograph signing as part of Anime NYC. It seems like a lot of American fans are planning on going and I’m sure it’ll be a good time.


Kobushi Factory member Minami Nomura announced that she will be releasing her first photobook on 9/8. It is titled Sei, Sou, was shot in Kanagawa prefecture, and will feature Minami in swimsuits, yukata, gowns, and dresses. The photobook will be 96 pages long and includes a 30 minute making-of DVD. If you enter the limited-edition photobook lottery before 8/26, you have a chance to win a signed limited edition.

ANGERME member Musubu Funaki revealed the covers to her upcoming photobook, Yuiro MUSUBU 16, this week. It was shot in Guam and Niigata and will be released on 8/7. The photobook will include a bonus photo and DVD with making-of footage.

Morning Musume ’18’s Reina Yokoyama and Up Up Girls (2)’s Aya Kajishima joined the UP-FRONT esports club. They will be competing in an event on 8/6, where they will play WinningEleven 2018, Puyopuyo Tetris, and Street Fighter V. You can read more about it here. I didn’t know UP-FRONT had an esports club, that’s interesting.

Former °C-ute member Airi Suzuki will be holding a tour from 11/3-12/17. She will be stopping in Osaka, Aichi, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Miyagi, Hokkaido, and Fukuoka. You can read more about it here.

Former Morning Musume member Sayumi Michishige will be holding a series of fan club events from 10/17-11/18. They will be held in Tokyo and Osaka.

Other Mainstream Idol News


WACK is forming a new unit for TIF this year called HOLY SHiTS. It is comprised of Chicchi Cent Chihiro (BiSH), Maika Kyan GP (GANG PARADE), Peri Ubu (BiS), MUROPANAKO (BiS), Hana Toriaezu (BiS), and MAHO EMPiRE (take a guess). They will perform on 8/4 as part of the WACK presents DREAMLIGHTS in TIF stage.

=LOVE member Shoko Takiwaki won a cooking contest, so if you go to Tokyo Idol Festival this year, you can eat her Exhaustion Recovery Keema Curry Bowl!

Other Mainstream/Underground Idol News

Former LinQ member Maki Ito, Up Up Girls (Pro Wrestling), and Midori Nagatsuki (LaLuce/Choux Cream Rockets) will be performing in a special pro wrestling stage at Tokyo Idol Festival on 8/3.

The third wave of Tokyo Gravure Idol Festival girls have been announced. The idols and ex-idols that are a part of it are Hikaru Aoyama (sherbet), Yuri Asakura (Erabareshi), Ruka Amachi (TEARS), Imoko Ikuggaki (SHINGEKI), Airi Izumi (Tokyo CuteCute), Miki Isono (CANDY GO!GO!), Arisa Isshiki (I’m GLTOKYO), Kie Inoue (ex-KNU), Megu Okada (Lovries), Mizuki Katase (ex-Tokyo Illuminati), KANA (Chu-Z), Natsuki Kaneko (Maybe ME), Hikaru Kawasaki (Warera ga Puwapuwapuwapuwa), Yukiko Kawaji (Yanchan Gakuen Ongakubu), Serina Kanno (Akishibu Project), Yua Kinoshita (Sanspo Idol Reporter SIR), Nagisa Kokoa (SHINGEKI), Runa Kojima (ex-Doll Elements), Erika Kotobuki (ex-KNU), Ryoko Sakimura (clipclip), Kotono Jikkuri (SHINGEKI), Yuri Shiraishi (KATA☆CHU), Shiori Seto (No Plan), Akubi Takatsuki (Kimiiro Project), Hana Takeuchi (Yanchan Gakuen Ongakubu), Saki Tachibana (Shine Fine Movement), Nao Tachibana (Shine Fine Movement), Riko Tachibana (Shine Fine Movement), Mizuki Tsushiro (Akishibu Project), Shiori Toujo (ex-KNU), Kanami Toyota (TEARS), Yuuhi Nagai (Tokyo CuteCute), Rin Nagisa (CANDY GO!GO!), Mizuki Najima (Marshmellow Super Punch!!), Misaki Natsume (chuLa), Sakura Ninomiya (Lovries), Emika Fujii (chuLa), Futaba (Chu-Z), Shiroka Hoshino (Jewel☆Rouge), Maori Hoshino (G☆Girls), Maho (Junjou no Afilia), Miimi (Junjou no Afilia), Moe (Chu-Z), Riona Yanagi (Marshmellow Super Punch!!), Yurina (Necopla), Yumi (Junjou no Afilia), Rino (Idol Chouhoukikan LEVEL7), and Kokoro Wakayama (TEARS). Damn, that’s a lot of girls.

Other Underground Idol News


Former first generation member of LinQ, Yusa Sugimoto, became the new manager of LinQ.

A supposed former classmate of Maika from Houkago Princess came out and said that Maika bullied her in elementary school for being a foreigner. She said that Maika would completely ignore her, make everyone leave her out, and ruin her textbook. Her classmate says that every time she goes to Akihabara and sees her face, she remembers the painful memories. However, her birth year is different to Maika’s on her profile and many people think the account is a troll.

cana biss, Kimiiro Project, Hitomi Suzune, and POEM have been announced as Next Girls 2018 performers. The four groups will each get a short performance on the Festival Stage on 8/3. Glad Kimiiro Project made it in! Also, yes, there’s a group called cana biss.

Former Yurutto Kakumeidan member Mayu Mochida was dismissed on 7/3 because of major contract violations and it was revealed that she dated a fan that was the same age as her, was seen with him in Yokohama by other fans, and had a private Twitter account where she said bad things about former members.

That’s it for this week, as always let me know if I missed anything, if you have any questions, or if you learned anything!

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