Produce 48 Episode 2: Reaction and Recap

We’re back for another Produce 48 reaction and recap! I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing these, so if you have a strong opinion either way, let me know. If you haven’t read my write up of the first episode, you can check it out here.

After the first episode of Produce 48 aired in Korea, Produce 48, Sakura Miyawaki, Jurina Matsui, and Ahn Yoo Jin were trending (in that order), with Produce 48 and Sakura Miyawaki being the number one and number two trends. Sakura’s really taking Korea by storm, I guess.

Apparently we have a new National Producer Representative now: Lee Seung Gi, a popular singer, actor, and talk show host. He watches the last episode and tries to guess the contestant’s scores, usually succeeding. Seung Gi definitely sees a difference between the Korean and Japanese contestants, but thinks the skills of the Koreans and the charm of the Japanese will make a great group.


It seems we’re still watching evaluations. I kind of thought they’d skip the rest or just show us Jurina and Sakura, but I guess I was wrong. We briefly see the CNC girls, who are very young and charm the judges and contestants with their cuteness. Next we see a group of three 48G members: Erii Chiba, Minami Sato, and Nanami Asai. When they walk out, the judges are immediately reminded of the Korean group Orange Caramel. I don’t really know any of these members, so this should be interesting.


The Korean contestants think they’re cute and girly. Erii gets a special introduction: the producers find her mannerisms adorable, particularly how she speaks in the third person. We also get to see her special skill: naming all the Japanese prefectures in thirteen seconds. The three are all some of the youngest contestants, but they want to rise to the top.


The three perform AKB48’s Nage Kiss de Uchi Otose! Their own song again? Like I said last episode with the HKT members, performing your own song just seems like an invitation for the judges to criticize you more harshly. Their dancing isn’t terrible and none of their voices are making me cringe, so that already puts them above a lot of the young 48G members, but they aren’t exactly good either. Some of the other 48G members dance along in their seats and the Korean contestants all find themselves smiling. The judges clearly think they’re cute.


They like Minami’s smile and say she looks like a rabbit. She’s cute…


While they think they have an innocent charm and give people energy, because of their lacking skills, they give Minami a D and Erii and Nanami Fs.


We are now shown CNC’s performance, who want to prove they’re just as good as the others even though they’re young and have only been trainees for a year. They perform TEAM by Iggy Azalea. CNC’s dancing looks really cool and some of them are good rappers, but I didn’t really get a feel for their singing. Maybe they all want to be dancers and rappers, I’m not sure. The 48G members are amazed that they can achieve that much in a year. Four of them get Bs and one gets a C. While none get As, the judges are really impressed by their skills at such a young age.


MNH also has a young and cute trainee: the 15 year old Lee Ha Eun. 15 is her Korean age, she’s actually only 13 years old. She wore braces until recently, only wears makeup when people tell her to, and generally acts like a kid.


Ha Eun doesn’t exactly look like a celebrity, so I’m guessing she’s probably pretty talented. She performs Burn Break Crash by Aanysa Snakehips. The girl can definitely dance, but more than that, I’m impressed by her confidence. She totally owns the stage. The judges love her dancing, but note that she hardly sang the whole song. It seems nerves got to her. Since it was tough to evaluate her singing, they make her sing another song and she can sing just as well as she can dance.


Ha Eun gets an A.


Yoon Jung hopes that more Japanese trainees will get As. So far, we’ve only seen Miyu Takeuchi get an A. Jurina and Sakura are worried that pretty much all of the Japanese trainees got Ds and Fs. Even Ikumi Nakano, who they were expecting to get a higher grade, got a D. I wasn’t sure if Jurina and Sakura would perform together or individual, but it seems they will be performing individually, starting with Jurina.


The contestants think she oozes with confidence. Jurina introduces herself in Korean. All of the 48G members talk about how much they admire her. Erii says she’s about 100 times more popular than her.


Man, Jurina was really the oldest looking 11 year old ever (I’m assuming she was 11 in that picture given the Korean age system and all that).


Jurina says she wants to keep challenging herself, she wants to inspire her fellow members, and she wants to end up in 1st just like in this year’s general election. Why does Jurina look so tan in the shot? Must be the lighting…


She performs Tomomi Itano’s Dear J. Now that Tomochin’s gone, it’s basically her song now, right? Ugh, yet another lazy song choice.


Her dancing and performance skills impress the crowd and the Korean contestants consider her very charismatic. The judges all admire her confidence and Soyou says she’s the most solid of the 48G members in all aspects so far (this performance was pre-Miyu Takeuchi, Saho Iwatate, and Moe Goto just for the record). Still, Yoon Jung doesn’t think she’s exactly what they’re looking for. Jurina gets a B. Everyone including Jurina is very happy with her grade.


The judges and contestants are all exhausted and they take a short break from watching performances. Some of them take the opportunity of being in the crowd to sleep, including Amane Tsukiashi and Bibian Murakawa.


While on break, the producers start playing Pick Me, the Produce 101 theme. Some of the Korean contestants get on stage and dance along.


After, they play AKB48’s Heavy Rotation. The Korean girls on the stage all know the song and dance along, but a bunch of the 48G members stand up in the crowd and start dancing along too. I’m surprised all the Korean contestants seem to know it, maybe their agencies made them learn it in anticipation.


Next up is NMB48. The Korean contestants think the leopard print logo is memorable. We are introduced to Miru Shiroma, who they describe as one of the most popular girls of NMB48. They say she knows how to smile with her eyes and is great at interacting with fans. She thinks fan interaction is the most important part of being an idol.


However, they also show a bit of her crazy side. Mirurun says that NMB48 members always want to make people laugh and she believes that they are the most talented of the 48G groups.


Miru Shiroma, Sae Murase, Yuuka Kato, Kokoro Naiki, and Azusa Uemura perform NMB48’s Warota People. Now that I think about it, the 48G members were probably encouraged to perform 48G songs so that more people would hear their music. It still comes off as lazy and is a bit disappointing, though. The contestants and judges love the outfits and the song. Some Korean contestants try to dance along.


The judges think that NMB did a good job overall compared to the other Japanese trainees with their fun energy and choreography. Mirurun gets a B, Yuuka Kato gets a C, Sae Murase and Kokoro Naiki get Ds, and Azusa Uemura gets an F. The judges say that what lies ahead of them will be much more challenging than what they’ve shown us.


Mirurun is so cute…


Back to Korean contestants. We have the four Idol School members from Stone Entertainment up next.


They all have famous lookalikes.


Well mostly…


The judges talk to Jang Gyu Ri, who was one of the winners of Idol School and has already debuted in Fromis 9.


The judges and viewers alike seem really confused as to why she is part of Produce 48. Gyu Ri explains that she feels like her skills are lacking compared to the other members of her group and she thought she could learn a lot and grow from the experience. I mean, I guess it’s a good way to get more fans for herself and Fromis 9, but it doesn’t seem like the best reason and I don’t know how she would be in both groups. The Stone Music girls perform NCT DREAM’S Chewing Gum. In my opinion, none of them seem amazing, but they’re all cute and all around solid.


The judges decide they want to hear Jo Yu Ri sing. She seems a bit nervous, but she’s pretty good. Yu Ri came in 15th place on Idol School and thus didn’t make it into Fromis 9. She really wants to debut this time and show everyone how she’s improved.


Jo Yu Ri gets an A and the rest of the girls are really happy for her. Aww, that’s nice.


Jang Gyu Ri gets a B and the other two get Cs.


Jang Gyu Ri is happy with her B, but wants to move up to A.


After that, we’re shown a montage of Juri Takahashi, Mako Kojima, and Tomu Muto practicing for their evaluation. It seems they worked really hard, particularly at studying Korean.

They introduce themselves in Korean. Juri and Kojimako seem good at Korean compared to the other 48G members, but Tomu has trouble with it. Lee Hong Gi talks to them in Japanese and says that he looked them up and that they seem to be popular in Japan.


The judges are impressed by the fact that Juri has done musicals. In her audition, Juri danced to Red Velvet’s Red Flavor. She says she’s a fan of Red Velvet, Blackpink, Seventeen, BTS, and IU. Juri admires K-Pop idols and decided to join the show because of that and the fact that she wants to become the best idol in the world.


The three of them perform Blackpink’s Playing with Fire. It’s clear they’ve practiced really hard and they sing the song in Korean.


Juri gets a B, Kojimako gets a C, and Tomu gets a D. I commend them for doing a difficult dance, singing in Korean, and trying to use as much Korean as they can with the judges. Kojimako looked cooler than I expected and it’s nice to see how hard Juri is trying and how much she seems to want this. The girls are really happy Juri got a B, but she seems to want to do better.


Next, we get a Korean girl with crazy eyes.


Seems she’s A Team Entertainment’s Kim Cho Yeon. For her audition, she prepared five songs, five dances, and a few funny skits. She seems to be good at everything, but she scares me a bit.


Cho Yeon goes on and on about how she wants an A and thinks she can get it. She’s a bit weird, but very determined.


Another trainee picked the same song as Cho Yeon, HyunA’s Lip and Hip.


The other girl, Go Yoo Jin, is from Block Berry Creative. She’s one of the prettiest contestants in my opinion.


We get to see Yoo Jin first and she’s a great dancer. She gives off a very confident and sexy performance.


Cho Yeon gives off a similarly great performance. I think Cho Yeon’s the better dancer, but the song suited Yoo Jin better.


The judges say that Cho Yeon’s voice was very stable, but Yoo Jin’s voice was weak and disappointing. Yoo Jin gets a C and Cho Yeon gets an A.


Finally, we’re at Sakura. The Fromis 9 girl says she’s a fan of her. Pretty much every Korean trainee knows her and they all think she’s beautiful. Sakura says she thinks she might have only been able to gain the popularity she has in Japan, she doesn’t think she’s that talented as an artist, and she wants to turn her life around. She wants Japanese idols to be respected outside of Japan.


Everyone has high expectations for Sakura and thinks she will be good. Sakura performs AKB48’s Kuroi Tenshi. Ugh, another 48G song, but I expected it. Her dancing is okay, but it’s a very basic dance. Sakura’s singing sounds unstable at times and is average at best.


One of the Korean contestants is even covering her ears.


Sakura thinks she will get a D or F, but she gets an A. Several of the Korean contestants express confusion. The judges thought she had a certain star quality and wanted to believe in her. That’s such BS…even Jurina’s performance was better than hers. She should have gotten a C at best. Sakura is moved to tears by her grade and wants to show the world how hard Japanese idols can work. Many of the other HKT members are also moved to tears, including Aoi and Bibian.


It seems Sakura was the last evaluation and we are now going to move on. Yes! The evaluations were getting pretty long and I’m excited to see the actual training portions. There are 15 As, 25 Bs, 22 Cs, 15 Ds, and 19 Fs. From what I remember, Sakura and Miyu got As, Jurina, Mirurun, Juri, and Saho got Bs, and Kojimako, Yuuka, and Noepii got Cs. I think the rest of the 48G members got Ds and Fs. All of the girls will be trained in group classes based on the ranks they received.


The first assignment will be a performance of the Produce 101/Produce 48 theme song, Pick Me. The song’s lyrics are in a mix of Japanese and Korean so that neither group will have an advantage. The judges say that from now on, all of the girls will have to memorize Korean and Japanese lyrics since the final group will promote in both countries. Both the Korean and Japanese contestants are worried about memorizing lyrics in the other language. They will perform the song on M Countdown. The members will stand on stage in accordance with the rank: the A members will be at the front of the stage and the D members will be at the back of the stage. The judges do not consider the F ranked members to be ready to stand on stage yet and they will be backups.

Understandably, the F ranked members are really upset.


The judges reveal that in three days, everyone will be re-ranked. The A ranked members will be in the running for the center position of the song. In seasons 1 and 2, the center of Pick Me debuted in the final group, so many of the girls see the position as a guaranteed debut. The center will also get solo screen time in the song.

The 96 trainees are moving into their dorms, which look pretty basic and cramped.


Each girl gets a different colored T-shirt with their rank on it. The A ranked T-shirts are very sparkly.


Japanese and Korean trainees are living together and they immediately run into a language barrier when they have to figure out who sleeps in which bed. Myao acts as an interpreter for her room and tells the Korean trainee that she can speak in Korean. I knew she was a Koreaboo, but I didn’t realize she studied Korean and could at least sort of function in the language. That’s definitely a big reason for her to be in the group.


Pick Me training starts. The trainers think it will be difficult for the 48G members, since it’s their first time being trained in the Korean way. It seems they’re right. The 48G girls say that the choreography lessons are a lot more fast-paced than what they’re used to and they wanted to tell them to wait up.


After the group lesson, individual class lessons start. C class gets Yoon Jung as their trainer, which scares a lot of them. The girls have a hard time memorizing the moves and Yoon Jun immediately points out any mistakes.

Oh, apparently Team 8’s Hitomi Honda got a C. I don’t think we saw her perform.


The judges were really impressed by Hitomi’s dancing. It’s too bad they didn’t actually show their performance.


Hitomi is chosen as the Japanese representative for the C class and is made to individual dance Pick Me with the Korean representative, Son Eun Chae. Yoon Jung is impressed by both of them. I don’t know Hitomi, but it’s nice that at least one of the 48G members can keep up with the top Korean trainees as far as dance goes. Yoon Jung says that if they can improve their vocal skills, they could both move up to the A class.


Hitomi is determined.


Choi Young Joon teaches the B class. Most of the girls do well, but Mirurun can’t learn the choreography. She says that it’s much more detailed than the NMB dances and hard to learn. Young Joon expresses concern and says that if she can’t learn the dance, she won’t be put on stage.


Mirurun is distressed and cries after the class. She is worried she won’t be able to stay a B. Jurina comforts her.


Does Mirurun often write diary entries like that? So cute…


After that, we get to see an A singing class. Soyou is teaching the class and the girls are really excited to learn from her. Na Go Eun volunteers to sing first. She’s confident, since singing is her strength, but Soyou says she keeps going off-pitch.


Soyou is harsh on all of the girls, saying they’re off pitch, lack emotion, and are making pronunciation errors. When Sakura goes up to sing, she starts singing in Korean. Soyou says that she can switch to Japanese, but she says that singing the Korean is easier for her. Sakura says that she said that because she wanted a Korean trainer to coach her on her Korean. Soyou and all of the Korean trainees think she’s dedicated and cool for learning the Korean lyrics in such a short amount of time.


I’m impressed too, however, she doesn’t sound good at all. No surprise, I didn’t really think singing was Sakura’s strength. After hearing Sakura, Soyou brings up Miyu to sing the chorus. Soyou is impressed by Miyu’s rendition of the high-pitched part of the chorus, but Sakura has a rough time hitting the notes.


With some advice, Sakura gets it. All of the Korean trainees clap for her. It’s nice that a lot of the girls seem to be supportive, but then again, it could just be for the cameras.


Now the D vocal class with May J Lee. Min Ju is called out for lacking confidence and continuing to look at others while dancing. She’s one of the Korean trainees that really stands out to me looks wise.


Min Ju gets emotional talking about how she falls behind the other girls in singing and dancing.


The B class has members from America and China, as well as Korea and Japan. Is the girl on the left from America? She’s really pretty.


During self practice time, the girls run into language barriers again. The Korean trainees keep hogging the practice video and the 48G members don’t know how to tell them they want to watch too.


Kim Hyun Ah pulls Jurina off to the side and shows her the video while helping her with the moves. Wow, that’s really nice.


The 48G members mention the cultural difference with dance practices. Generally, the 48G members all learn their dances on their own, but the best Korean dancers help teach the rest and try to bring them up to their level.

Now we’re at the A dance practice. Ka Eun is put front and center. She impresses everyone.


Almost everyone in the A class does the moves with no trouble, but Yoo Min Young, the HOW Entertainment rapper who did the Celeb Five song, keeps making mistakes.

She looks really uncomfortable and the judges start to wonder why she got an A. Min Young is told that she’s lacking charisma and if she doesn’t change things, she’ll be moved down.


D vocal class next. Hongki notices that the 48G members use nasal voices when singing. He can teach the whole class in Japanese, that’s pretty amazing.

Minami Sato has a tough time singing, but after some vocal exercises with Hongki, she improves. She’s so cute!


F dance class with Yoon Jung. This should be good. The class is almost entirely made up of 48G members. She says that they actually are doing a lot better than C class and is impressed by their hard work.

However, Erii Chiba is completely lost and can’t memorize the dance moves.  She says she practiced a lot, but still couldn’t get the dance down.


Yoon Jung makes Erii dance alone. She calls Erii’s dancing horrible and compares her to I.O.I.’s Sohye. Yoon Jung says she feels like Erii doesn’t want to do this, which makes her break down.


The F girls are all really frustrated with their positions and want to be on stage. Yoon Jung tells Erii that she flew all the way to Korea, she should at least try to make it on stage. The girls in the class feel a strong sense of teamwork, since they all really want to make it on stage. When a member cries, someone will try their best to comfort them, even if they don’t speak the same language. Since they’re in the lowest class, the girls feel like they have to practice twice as hard as everyone else.

The 48G members realize a difference between themselves and the Korean trainees. While the 48G members all go to sleep before their re-evaluation, the Korean trainees stay up all night practicing.


Sakura is frustrated and mad at herself when she realizes the Korean girls who have been training for a year dance and sing better than she does. Though she’s been an idol for seven years, she feels like she hasn’t accomplished anything.


The Korean and Japanese trainees try to look out for each other by using body language and pictures. It’s really sweet to see them caring for each other.


Every girl wants to debut as the center and they know they can’t do that if they don’t either stay in the A class or move up to the A class for the lower members. Each girl goes in front of a camera in order to be re-evaluated.

CNC’s Hong Ye Ji (Class B) falls over during her re-evaluation and breaks down crying.


Starship’s Ahn Yoo Jin (Class B) impresses everyone with her bright smile while performing.


Million Market’s Sohn Eun Chae (Class C) is expected to move up if she can improve her singing, but she goes off pitch and stops singing in the middle because of nerves.


Erii (Class F) forgets the lyrics near the beginning of the song and just dances the rest of the way. Other class F members Shinobu Mogi, Natsumi Matsuoka, and Ayana Shinozaki also forget the lyrics.


Bibian Murakawa (Class F) forgets both the lyrics and the dance.


The A class Korean trainees do a great job with the Korean version of the song, but when they sing the Japanese parts, a lot of them forget the lyrics.

Sakura (Class A) impresses everyone with both the Korean and Japanese versions of the song. I dunno, I thought her dancing was good, but her singing definitely needed work. The Sakura bias is strong, I guess…

Each girl gets time for one phone call. Everyone calls their parents. Sakura cries the whole phone call.


Most of the other girls also cry and say they aren’t meeting their expectations. Their parents offer them words of encouragement.

The judges get together for re-evaluation. They notice that the 48G members are more comfortable being in front of the camera than the Korean trainees, since they are used to it. They start by watching the A class members. Ka Eun and Sakura impress the judges.


WM’s Lee Chae Yeon was sick during the lessons, so she had to learn the song by herself. Even so, she does a great job.


FNC’s Park Hae Yoon stops singing at points and makes mistakes with both the lyrics and the dance. The judges don’t even want to watch it until the end. She was the singer I really liked from before…


Now onto other classes. The B class Fromis 9 member Jang Gyu Ri forgets her lyrics, disappointing the judges.


F class member Moe Goto is up and all the judges are excited. In her classes, the judges noticed that she was willing to learn and didn’t use a nasal voice. Now that she hopefully has her voice back, will she move up? Well, she keeps making mistakes and the judges aren’t impressed by her singing or dancing, but they are impressed by her expressions and individuality. The judges are impressed by the 48G girls’ ability to keep dancing and not give up even when they make major mistakes. Some of the Korean girls don’t even make the effort to learn the song in Japanese and just dance.

The judges are impressed by Hitomi Honda’s (Class C) re-evaluation. They can tell she practiced a lot and while they expected her dancing to be good, her vocals are also good.


The judges are impressed by the 48G members’ abilities to learn the Korean lyrics and think the Korean trainees can learn from them.

Saho Iwatate (Class B) is out of breath when singing and looks really weird doing the dance, which makes all of the judges laugh. They love that even though her dancing is bad, she obviously practiced really hard and looks really confident.


Nako Yabuki finally gets some screen time! She apparently was in F class (did we see her perform? I don’t think so) and impressed the trainers with her dance abilities. The judges are amazed by her re-evaluation, particularly her dancing, and all want to move her up.


Re-evaluation result time. Ka Eun stays in the A class. So does Sakura. For the first time in Produce history, a trainee is moved down from A to F class, but we won’t see who it is until the next episode.

Like last episode, they end the episode by showing the real-time rankings of the girls. Let’s see how the top twelve is different from last time.


This time, the 48G members in the top 12 are Sakura (#5), Moe Goto (#8), Noe Yamada (#9), Miyu Takeuchi (#11), and Jurina (#12). Wow, Noepii really did make an impression on people last episode, no surprise with the amount of screen time she got. Miyu also made an impression with her powerful voice and musical ability. I’m surprised how much Jurina dropped, maybe because she wasn’t featured very much in the first episode. I’m even more surprised by Moekyun’s rank. I guess she either got a lot of sympathy votes or people really liked her intense expressions.

The Korean members in the top 12 are Lee Ka Eun (the After School member, #1), Ahn Yoo Jin (the contact lens model from Starship, #2), Kwon Eun Bi (the mom Woolim trainee, #3), Jang Won Young (the Starship giant baby, #4), Choi Ye Na (the Yuehua girl who did a Japanese comedy routine, #6), Wang Yi Ren (the Yuehua girl who did the traditional Chinese dance, #7), and Lee Chae Yeon (the WM girl who was on two reality shows, #10). I’m happy Ka Eun moved up. She’s so pretty and talented, I’m really cheering for her. Eun Bi must have made a big impression with how much she cares for her fellow members.

So, who caught my eye this week?

Japanese members:
Juri Takahashi: We get to see more of how hard she’s working for this, how much she likes K-Pop and respects Korean idols, and how much she’s trying with Korean. Her performance wasn’t bad either.
Hitomi Honda: I didn’t even know who she was before this episode, but she seems to be better at picking up dances than any of the other 48G girls on the show. She’s a decent singer too. Having such a talented 48G girl in the group would bring positive attention to 48G, I think.
Miho Miyazaki: While some of the other girls are making an effort to use Korean, I didn’t realize Myao was actually at least somewhat conversational in it. Having a 48G member who already knows a good deal of Korean would be pretty helpful.
Miru Shiroma: She’s just so cute. Mirurun’s dorky side, smile, and adorable diary entry won my heart.
Mako Kojima: I didn’t know if I could see her doing K-Pop style dances, but she looked pretty cool performing the Blackpink song.
Jurina Matsui: She definitely does have a lot of charisma and looked undeniable cool performing Dear J.
Sakura Miyawaki: It’s clear they want to have a Sakura bias in this show. There’s no way she should have gotten an A in her first performance (maybe a C?), heck, her re-evaluation shouldn’t have gotten an A either, her singing didn’t sound very good. Still, I admire her determination and dedication to quickly learning the lyrics, dances, and trying to improve herself.
Minami Sato: Another girl who I didn’t know at all. Heck, I’ve never even heard her name before, but she’s adorable and has a smile that lights up the room.
Tomu Muto: Not only is she pretty, she’s just so dang likable. Tomu seems like a really nice person and a fun girl to talk to.
Saho Iwatate: Her final dance was hilarious. The girl knows how to put on a performance.
Nako Yabuki: Like Kojimako, I couldn’t really see her as a K-Pop artist, but her dancing impressed the trainers and her Pick Me was definitely solid both dance and vocal wise.

Korean members:
Lee Ka Eun (Pledis): Ka Eun, the After School member. She’s so cool, so pretty, and so talented. Ka Eun seems to be in a different level than everyone else on this show and I’m becoming a major fangirl.
Jang Gyu Ri (Stone Entertainment): Gyu Ri has a really cute face and her laughing dog impression is funny and adorable. I don’t really want her to make it in when she just joined a group that seems fairly promising, but I wouldn’t protest too much.
Lee Ha Eun (MNH): She’s only 13, but she’s one of the best singers and dancers. She has a childish feel to her and an unpolished look that reminds me of a more talented version of a brand new 48G member. I think it’d be fun to watch her grow.
Kim Min Ju (Urban Works): I’m not really sure why I like her so much. Her performances haven’t been very good, but she has a cute and beautiful look to her that I really like. Min Ju is having a tough time on the show and feeling discouraged and I want to cheer for her and see her succeed.
Goo Yoo Jin (Block Berry Creative): She lost out on the Lip and Hip battle, but I thought she looked a lot cooler and sexier dancing to it. A big group has always got to have at least one member in charge of the sexiness.
Lee Chae Yeon (WM): She wasn’t shown much this week, but seeing her face around reminded me how cute I find her. Chae Yeon has a cute and unique look that reminds me more of a 48G member than a Korean idol. Aside from that, she’s really talented and has been fighting for a debut for a long time.

This week, I would use my twelve votes for (in no particular order) Lee Ka Eun, Lee Chae Yeon, Kim Min Ju, Wang Ke, Juri Takahashi, Ikumi Nakano, Noe Yamada, Miyu Takeuchi, Tomu Muto, Miho Miyazaki, Mako Kojima, and Hitomi Honda.

My top Japanese and Korean contestants are still Lee Ka Eun and Miyu Takeuchi.

That’s it for episode 2. What did you think of the episode? Did you think the Sakura bias was obvious? Let me know!

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