Weekly Idol News: 7/2/-7/8

Jurina is going on hiatus, Iori and Chiharu perform in their last live as Nogizaka46 members, Kanon graduates from Kamen Joshi, Akishibu Project gets new members, AKB Janken details announced, MIGMA SHELTER members graduate, and more in this week’s idol news!

This Week’s Releases


WT☆Egret – Muteki Dancing!

BiS1st – Don’t miss it!!
BiS2nd – Don’t miss it!!
Luna Amemiya – Boku no Himitsu Kiss Me
SKE48 – Ikinari Punchline


Moe Core Gakuen – Moe Core Gakuen “Ongaku #1”
Momoclo-chan Z – Guu Choki Party ~Egao de Norinori~
Sayumi Michishige – SAYUMINGLANDOLL -Shukumei- Original Soundtrack
Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. – NEORDER NATION

Last Week’s Oricon Rankings

3rd: BiSH – Life is beautiful/HiDE the BLUE – 39,858 (NEW)
5th: The Hoopers – Jewel no Kodou ga Kikoeru ka? – 16,080 (NEW)
9th: Appare! Harajuku – Parerira Parerira/Sentimental Prism – 11,395 (NEW)
12th: BiSH – NON TiE-UP – 7,331 (NEW)
15th: Shine Fine Movement – Luminous – 6,395 (NEW)
19th: NMB48 – Yokubomono – 4,733 (down)
20th: NGT48 – Haru wa Doko Kara Kuru no ka? – 4,419 (down)
22nd: Sandaime KONAMON – Go Forth! (Nijiiro Toy Box) – 4,160 (NEW)
27th: =LOVE – Teokure Caution – 3,464 (up)
29th: WHY@DOLL – Sweet Vinegar – 3,235 (NEW)
41st: Morning Musume ’18 – Are you Happy?/A gonna – 1,781 (down)
47th: Nogizaka46 – Synchronicity – 1,554 (down)

11th: Hiragana Keyakizaka46 – Hashiridasu Shunkan – 11,729 (down)

Major PV and Song Releases

Tsubaki Factory released their PVs for Date no Hi wa Nido Kurai Shower Shite Dekaketai and Konya dake Ukaretakatta this week. You can find them on their single Date no Hi wa Nido Kurai Shower Shite Dekaketai/Junjou cm/Konya dake Ukaretakatta out 7/18.

Kobushi Factory & Tsubaki Factory released their PV for Hyokkori Hyoutanjima on 7/4. It is a cover of the theme song from the 1960s TV show of the same title. You probably know it as a song Morning Musume covered in 2003, so if you’re a fan of that song, check out Kobushi/Tsubaki Factory’s version.

SUPER☆GiRLS released their PV for Bubblin Squash! on 7/2. The song will be released on their single of the same title on 8/15.

Last Idol released their PV for Suki de Suki de Shouganai on 7/7. The song will be released on their single of the same title on 8/1.

Rock A Japonica released their PV for Sai the kou on 7/5. The song will be released on their single of the same title on 8/1.

Up Up Girls (2) released their new song Angel Enjite 20nen on 7/7. The song will be available for purchase on their single Zenbu Seishun!/Angel Enjite 20nen on 8/7.

A bunch of ex-°C-ute member Airi Suzuki’s live videos have been released this week. You can see them here.

LADYBABY released a live video for their new song Joujou Shantan on 7/2.

Underground PV and Song Releases

2o Love to Sweet Bullet released their PV for Hitorijime Shitai on 7/6. The song will be released on the single of the same title on 8/14.

SHACHI released the PV for her new song Turn Up The Music on 7/6. SHACHI is the name of CY8ER member/ex-DEEP GIRL member Mashilo’s solo hip hop project. The song will be available digitally on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and more on 7/13.

TOKYO SWEET PARTY released their PV for Hibiscus on 7/8.

Fruity released a PV for their new song FRONT LINER on 7/7.

CHOCO★MILQ released a PV for their new song Liberal Crow on 7/5.

Toricago released a PV for their new song summer snow on 7/3.

Tenkuon Parade released a PV for their new song Happy Hour on 7/7.

wyenra released videos for new songs Unbalanced, Rinne Tenshou, and ONORE this week.

Tenkou Shoujo* released their new song Girl*s Time on 7/7.

Candye♡Syrup released a lyric video for BreakDown Syndrome featuring BARA on 7/5.

uijin released a live video for neo asia on 7/4.

Devil ANTHEM. released their song ALRIGHT on 7/6.

KOTO released a dance video for Otokonoko-chan on 7/2.

Horumu Labyrinth released a live video for their new song 4 Tsubu no Namida on 7/3.

Release Announcements


Nogizaka46 has announced the title of their next single. It will be titled Jikochuu de Ikou and released on 8/8. Asuka Saito will be the center

Keyakizaka46 will be releasing their 7th single on 8/15. The title is TBA.


Dempagumi.inc will be releasing their new single Precious Summer! on 9/26.

Tenkou Shoujo* is releasing their first album titled Star Light on 10/16.

Tsubomi will be releasing their third single Dreamer on 8/1.

nuance is releasing their 3rd mini-album titled ongen on 8/8.

New Groups


Maybe ME debuted on 7/7. They are described as idols who want to create their own world. Rito Natsume was a former member of PALET under the name Rito Ichinose. The rest have been active as actresses and models. I haven’t watched their debut video yet (it’s on YouTube if you want to check it out!), but they look like a younger version of PALET and considering they have an ex-PALET member, they might be. Maybe check them out if you were a PALET fan?



Yarukya Girls debuted on 7/7. They are based in Tokyo and focusing on an alternative and edgy style. They are under Perfect Music with Band janai mon!, WILL-O’, Yanakoto Sotto Mute, MIGMA SHELTER, and Koutei Camera Girl.


Dream Me? debuted on 7/7. They have a bursting out from within your dreams concept and are a duo of two middle schoolers. Mia Takahashi is a fairly popular YouTuber who makes ASMR videos and videos about toys. I think it’s a little weird that a middle schooler is doing ASMR, but you can check out her videos here.


Hakuchumu project debuted on 7/8. Misa Yakumo is also a member of Houkago 403ERROR. I couldn’t find out much information on the group, but they seem like the kind of group a lot of Yes Tiger’s readers might like. Let me know if you know anything more about them!


Milkiss Pudding debuted on 7/7. They describe themselves as a peaceful, loving, and cute group.


Fuwarize! β debuted on 7/8. They are official idols of Atelier Fuwary, a studio with a girly, yume kawaii, and yurufuwa theme. The girls also act as models and have modeling experience. If you’re into cute and girly idols and/or cute and girly fashion, they’re probably the group for you.

New Members


Kanon Morishita, Serina Sugano, Rino Fukuyama, and Riho Mashiro debuted in Akishibu Project on 7/2. Kanon is the yellow member, the youngest member at 17, owns two dogs, and wants to be called Nonchan. She likes watching idols, watching comedy shows, and lazily reading manga and is good at playing piano. Serina is the light green member, 19 years old, 166 cm tall (5’5.5″), likes shopping, makeup, sleeping, and seeing pictures of cute people, and is good at long distance running. She was a former Yumemiru Adolescence trainee under the name Ran Uesugi. Rino is the light blue member, 20 years old, likes her iPhone, taking walks, and tapioca, and is good at English, dancing, and physical activity. She lived in America for two years. Riho is the purple member, 18 years old, likes self-improvement, sleeping, and ice cream, and is good at eating a lot of ice cream.


Brazil (also known as Noa Niikura) joined MIGMA SHELTER on 7/8. She is a 2018 winner of miss iD, 19 years old, and likes reading, watching movies, drums, piano, wind instruments, singing, and dancing. Her special skill is drawing a map of Europe in 30 seconds.


Yuzuka Kamiki debuted in Wonder Weed on 7/7. She was formerly a member of CoverGirls under the name Mia Kamiki. She is 22 years old and the new green member.

Rina Kawasaki, Kyouka Yasui, and Rinka Fujii debuted in LONDON BLUE this week. Rina is 22 years old, from Okayama prefecture, and likes listening to music, collecting perfume, cleaning, and K-Pop. She considers herself skilled at dancing (particularly hip-hop), singing, sports, doing laundry, piano, trumpet, impressions, coloring pictures, and jump rope. Kyouka is 19 years old, from Wakayama prefecture, and likes singing, watching movies, ballet, jazz dancing, doing impressions, and playing piano. She has performed in several musicals. Rinka is 16 years old and the youngest member of the group. She is in her second year of high school and is also a member of the idol group @SunCafe. She drew her own custom line stickers for @Suncafe, which you can look at here. Rinka likes drawing, Vocaloid, and cosplaying and considers herself skilled at calligraphy. If you’re interested in them and live around the London area, you’re in luck! They’ll be performing at Hyper Japan on 7/14 and 7/15. Sadly, Rina can’t make it because of her schedule, but Kyouka and Rinka, as well as the other two members Kana and Kayano, will all be there.


Natsumi debuted in Wagamama Kiite? on 7/8. She is the green member and likes dogs and Pokemon. She says she is inexperienced at singing and dancing, but she will do her best.


Ryouka Hashimoto debuted in Nijiiro Gakuen SEASON4 on 7/7. She is 14 years old, in her 3rd year of middle school, likes idols, Dragon Ball, and music from the 70s and 80s, is sensitive to the cold and heat, and prides herself on her dark skin.

Karin Tasaki and Miyu Kinoshita joined Nagoya based idol group MERUCHU on 7/4. They are both 11 years old. Karin likes Donald Duck and animals and Miyu likes polar bears, grapes, and table tennis.

Disbanding Groups


The current lineup of MIGMA SHELTER disbanded on 7/8, with Amari, Kotejun, and Popopo Po Po Popo Jr. graduating. Mimimiyu is staying with the group.

Gothic metalcore/post-rock idol group Re:Alice disbanded on 7/2.

Emop will be ending their current lineup on 7/29. On this day, Asahi will graduate, Saya and Honoka will go on hiatus, and Ruki will be moved to a new group.

Miracle! Wonderland is disbanding mid-August. Rinka and Kirika are leaving the agency and retiring from the idol industry, but it hasn’t yet been announced what An and Ruka will do.

Graduations, Withdrawals, and Dismissals

Chiharu Saito and Iori Sagara performed in their last live as Nogizaka46 members on 7/8. Their last event as members of the group will be the Synchronicity handshake at Makuhari Messe on 7/16. Iori plans to continue in the entertainment industry after graduation and Chiharu plans to focus on her studies. She hopes to become an announcer in the future.


Kanon Mori graduated from Pureful, Alice Juban, and Kamen Joshi on 7/7. She’s one of the original Alice Project members, 28 years old, and has recently been having health problems, so her graduation wasn’t a surprise, but it was still definitely a tough one for me. I spent a lot of time with Kanon and she was one of my favorite idols. I couldn’t even watch her graduation stream because it was too tough for me. It sucks, but hopefully she’ll have a promising future and we’ll get to see more of her.

Moe Fujisawa was dismissed from Warera ga Puwapuwapuwapuwa on 7/4 after a serious contract violation was discovered. It’s too bad, she was my favorite member and although I saw the group many times, I never got the chance to talk to her. Maybe she’ll show up somewhere else.

Hinami Arisue and Mayu Mochida were dismissed from Yurutto Kakumei on 7/3. Hinami was a 2018 miss iD semi-finalist.

Kokoro Mochizuki graduated from HAPPY♡ANNIVERSARY on 7/8. Her asthma has become chronic and it was difficult for her to perform on stage, make practices, and practice in her spare time. She plans to focus on her recovery, go back to her hometown, and focus on acting activities.

Sayuri Mizuki was dismissed from Nijiiro Gakuen SEASON 4 and her agency RIZE on 7/2 after a contract violation was discovered.

Graduation, Withdrawal, and Dismissal Announcements


Ai Aoi will be withdrawing from HOT DOG CAT on 8/10. She was formerly a member of Steam Girls under the name Aina Hoshi.

Mariru Mayoi will be graduating from Gyakushuu no Operettas on 7/14. Gyakushuu no Operettas is Gekijouban Gokigen Teikoku’s 2nd group.

Mai Koike will be graduating from Parfait on 7/29. She has been having health problems for a while and both her and her doctor judged that she shouldn’t be performing at lives anymore.

Rinka Katayama and Kirika Sakurai announced graduation from Miracle! Wonderland on 7/8. They are both retiring from the idol industry.

Nanami and Kirara announced graduation from C;ON. Nanami will be graduating on 7/22 and Kirara will be graduating on 7/29.

Ruki Aoi is graduating from Emop on 7/29.

Ayuna will be graduating from Tochigi based idol duo ViviD★RinG on 9/1. She recently started university and found it difficult to focus on both schoolwork and idol activities. ViviD★RinG will continue as Kotomi’s solo project.

Yudetamago is graduating from Niigata based idol group Otomezachou Gingadan at their one man live on 9/24. A great name…


Comebacks and Transfers


Lovely☆DOLL member Emi Ando will be transferred on 8/5 from Lovely☆DOLL to ArcJewel’s new group Jewel☆Ciel.


FRUITPOCHETTE will be coming off hiatus on 8/10.



SKE48 member Jurina Matsui went on hiatus on 7/7 due to her health. She is taking a break from all her entertainment activities to focus on her health and medical treatment. She will not be updating any of her social media, sending any mail, and will be taking a break from all 48G activities, including Produce 48.

Haruna will be going on hiatus from desailes89 on 8/2 to focus on her studies. She hopes to return to the group next spring.

Other 48/46G News



This year’s 2nd AKB48 Group Unit Janken Tournament will be held in Tokyo on 9/23. Like last year, members from all the groups can form units to participate in the tournament and the winning unit will get a CD. 48 units will participate in the tournament: 4 solo units, 26 2 member units, 10 3 member units, 3 4 member units, 2 5 member units, 1 6 member unit, 1 7-9 member unit, and 1 10 member unit. The prelims will be held at the Makuhari handshake events from 8/10-8/12.


Netizens have come to believe that Produce 48 is engaging in voting fraud. According to audience members at the show recording, 1000 fans were supposed to show up for fan voting, but less than 500 actually attended. However, the on-site voting showed 822 votes. Fans believe that the votes were doubled. Many say that doubling numbers doesn’t matter if they were equally applied to each vote, but some think the votes were rigged.


Former AKB48 theater manager and current head of the AKB48 customer center Togasaki Tomonobu announced that he will be leaving the AKB48 staff at the end of August. He has been with them for thirteen years.

AKB48 performed their upcoming single Sentimental Train for the first time on THE MUSIC DAY 2018. Jurina Matsui was absent from the performance.

AKB48 announced they will have two performances at Tokyo Idol Festival 2018. On 8/3 they will be performing as AKB48 TIF 2018 Senbatsu, which will consist of a selection of members who did well in the recent senbatsu election. On 8/4, they will be performing as AKB48 Fresh Senbatsu, a selection of 16th generation members, draft members, and young members.


Former member Yuria Kizaki has joined the cast of the movies Double Drive ~Okami no Okite~ and Double Drive ~Ryu no Kizuna~. They will be released in theaters on 8/25 and 9/22 respectively.


Former member Nana Owada is joining the cast of the Hikari TV/dTV drama Hitokowa, a horror series that shows how frightening humans can be. It will start airing on 7/27.

Former member Haruka Shimazaki wrote on Twitter that she hoped Jurina Matsui could rest well and during her toughest times, Jurina supported her.


AKB48 got an award from the Japanese government for the group’s Great East Japan Earthquake Relief ~Dareka no Tame ni~ project that has been going on since 2011. Reconstruction Agency member Masayoshi Yoshino presented AKB48 General Director Yui Yokoyama with an appreciation certificate.


The first poster for AKB48’s upcoming drama Majimuri Gakuen has been revealed. It will start airing on 7/25.

The covers for Juri Takahashi’s upcoming photobook have been revealed. The book is titled Aima na Jibun and will be released on 7/24.

Komiyama Team K performed the shonichi for their new stage RESET on 7/6.



Former member Rena Matsui has joined the cast of the upcoming movie Kyou mo Iyagarase Bento. The movie is based on the book of the same name by ttKK (Kaori) and will be released in 2019.

The covers for SKE48’s upcoming official book 100% SKE48 have been revealed. The book will be released on 7/11.

A new SKE48 documentary will be released in theaters this fall.



NMB48 will be performing at the 2018 Tokyo Idol Festival on 8/4. This is their first appearance at the festival.




Aya Miyajima’s graduation date has been announced. She will graduate at the NGT48 theater on 8/6. The day before, she will have a solo handshake event. Aya will be stopping all social media, streaming services, and mail on 8/7 and gifts and fan letters will be accepted until 9/6.




M DATA has announced that Mai Shiraishi was the girl with the highest amount of commercial contracts in the first half of 2018. She has had fifteen contracts since the year has started.

Nogizaka46 performed their new single Jikochuu de Ikou! for the first time on the third day of their Manatsu no Zenkoku Tour 2018 6th BIRTHDAY LIVE. They also announced one of the single’s coupling songs, Sankaku no Akichi. Kana Nakada will be the center.

Nogizaka46 announced a new zombie project on 7/8. Asuka Saito will be acting in the lead role.



Yurina Hirate performed on TV for the first time since last year’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen. She appeared on THE MUSIC DAY 2018 on 7/7.


Keyakizaka46’s latest single Glass wo Ware! is being used for APPLE MUSIC Japan’s new commercial.

Other Hello! Project/UFP News


Juice=Juice member Tomoko Kanazawa’s 1st visual photobook tomorrow was released on 7/2.

Morning Musume ’18 member Maria Makino’s photobook release date is announced. It will be released on 8/25. The book is titled Summer Days, was filmed in Okinawa, and will include Maria wearing colorful swimsuits, cute loungewear, a white dress over a pink school uniform, and the Okinawan traditional outfit called a ryusou. The limited edition includes a making of DVD.


The Amazon cover for ex-Morning Musume member Sayumi Michishige’s upcoming photobook DREAM has been revealed.

It has been announced that ex-Morning Musume members Mari Yaguchi and Maki Goto will be making appearances on the Hello! Project 2018 SUMMER tour.

ANGERME’s autumn tour dates have been announced. They will be touring from 9/8-11/10 and will stop in Fukuoka, Oita, Okinawa, Tokyo, Ehime, Kagawa, Shiga, Saitama, Miyagi, and Aichi. You can find more details here.

Kobushi Factory will be performing at the TSUTAYA O-EAST MARQUEExDEARSTAGE Matsuri Vol. 2 event on 8/21 with Dempagumi.inc, Band janai mon!, Yumemiru Adolescence, Manekikecha, Moso Calibration, uijin, and Kirameki Unforent.


Other Mainstream Idol News


Voting for BiS.LEAGUE is ongoing until 7/29. The top five members will be the new members of BiS1st and the bottom five will be the new members of BiS2nd. You can cast your vote with a serial number from either BiS1st or BiS2nd’s version of Don’t miss it!! here.

Seiko Oomori, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, Team Syachihoko, and Ayaka Sasaki (Momoiro Clover Z) have been announced as performers at Tokyo Idol Festival 2018.

The WACK artists (BiSH, BiS, GANG PARADE, and EMPiRE) will be having a special collaborative stage at TIF on 8/4 called WACK presents DREAMLIGHTS in TIF.

Hitomi Arai (Tokyo Girls’ Style), Saori Kizuki (Houkago Princess), and Shoko Takiwaki (=LOVE) are having a cookoff before Tokyo Idol Festival. The winner’s recipe will be sold in catering cars at the festival for you to buy.

Other Mainstream/Underground Idol News


For @JAM EXPO 2018, a unit @JAM ALLSTARS 2018 has been formed that will perform on 8/25 and 8/26. The unit consists of Fuuka Kumazawa (Task have Fun), Nagi Nemoto (Niji no Conquistador/Dempagumi.inc), MAINA (Osaka☆Shunkashuto), Maki (Ayumikurikamaki), and Reona Matsushita (Manekikecha).

Idol College, Ayumikurikamaki, Ange☆Reve, Ikinari Tohoku San, Osaka☆Shunkashuto, Sakura Cinderella, THERE THERE THERES, Zettai Chokkyu Joshi! Playballs, Chu-Z, Tenkou Shoujo*, Pimm’s, Manekikecha, Malcolm Mask McLaren, Maison book girl, LinQ, and Wasuta have been announced as additional performers for @JAM EXPO 2018 on 8/25 and 8/26.

Other Underground Idol News


Former FES☆TIVE member Kotone Suzuki revealed some startling things about the group on Twitter on 7/8. She said that the members weren’t paid what they were promised, the five members who have recently left the group (including her) haven’t been paid their final salaries, they needed to get permission from management to hang out with members of the group or other idols, they needed to get permission from management to exchange contact details with other idols or members of the industry, they needed to weigh themselves every morning and tell management, they couldn’t eat sweets during work, they were not to treat the other members as friends, but rivals, and they were to immediately let management know if they hear any of the other members complaining about anything. She said they often didn’t let her spend time with other members outside of work and they told her to skip meals. Kotton was one of my favorite idols and I saw FES☆TIVE countless times, so this was really disturbing news for me. We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes at all, huh? I hope she’s doing better now that she’s out of the group and I’m not sure if I’ll support FES☆TIVE anymore.


The dates for Kamen Joshi Kouhousei and OZ members Saki Mitsuki and Waka Nozaki’s Kamen Joshi promotions have been announced. On 8/16, the two will graduate from Kamen Joshi Kouhousei and OZ and be promoted into Kamen Joshi. Saki will be a Steam Girls member and Waka will be an Armor Girls member.

Ex-Summer Rocket member Chiari Kiryuu is starting a new idol group. She is looking for girls from the ages of 16-25 who are not currently affiliated with a production company or under a contract.

JpopRocks released an interview with NECRONOMIDOL’s Risaki Kakizaki on 7/8.


That’s it for this week, as always let me know if I missed anything, if you have any questions, or if you learned anything!

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