Idol Pass: Savior of Wallets?! A DD’s Dream?!


Idol Pass is a coupon book that is sold four times a year and features a wide selection of coupons for your favorite groups nationwide! The coupon book is sold separately in two different types: ‘Kanto (A) + East Japan’ and ‘Kanto (B) + West Japan’, and feature coupons for groups in their respective region. Total value of the coupons in the book are guaranteed to equal up to 20,000 yen and range from free chekis and merch to performance admission discounts!
Alongside the coupons, the book also features exclusive interviews and fun bits of information about each group!
The books can be bought directly from the Idol Pass website, select online/in-store retailers such as HMV or Tower Records, Idol Pass events, or from the featured groups themselves. The price of the book will depend on who you buy them from, but many of the retailers are selling them for a cheap 1,000 yen!

As previously mentioned, issues are released four times a year, meaning the coupons do have an expiration date.
You typically have about a three month window to use the coupons, before they go and release the next volume. So if you are visiting for only a short period of time, be sure to use every opportunity you get to make use of the coupons, as they may no longer be applicable by the time you return!
And if you are buying the booklet ahead of time, be sure the coupons don’t expire before you even arrive!
It is also very important to keep in consideration that these coupons sometimes may have rules/regulations connected to them. Most of these being the inability to use them during release events or the whole one per person rule. So think twice if you think you’re slick buying up multiple copies of the same book in order to receive multiple free chekis from the same group!

As an example, let’s take a look at Volume 7 ‘Kanto (B) + West Japan’. I’ve gone ahead and listed out all the featured groups and the coupons they offer in this particular issue. Of course, the featured groups and coupons offered in this particular volume may be way different from future volumes, but I think this gives you a good idea of what the Idol Pass coupon books have to offer!


チャオ ベッラ チンクエッティ – Handshake Ticket
ナナランド – 20% Off Merch Coupon
アップアップガールズ(仮) – x1 Additional Tokuten Ticket
アップアップガールズ(2) – x1 Additional Tokuten Ticket
ワンダーウィード – Random Photo Present
SAY-LA – Individual Member Idol Pass Booklet Signature
サンスポアイドルリポーター SIR – ‘トレカチャレンジ’ Ticket
東京CuteCute – Free Admission to a Regular (定期) Performance or Individual Member Handshake
絶対直球女子!プレイボールズ – Free Cheki Lottery x1 (Random Member, No Signature)
POPUP – Two-Shot Smartphone Picture (写メ) + ‘a’ Ticket
それでも時代はまわってます。- 500 Yen Off Coupon for a Regular (定期) Performance
楽遊アイドル編集部 – Lottery Participation Ticket
柳瀬悠希 – Janken Ticket
福島ゆか – Mini Game Ticket

煌めき☆アンフォレント – Individual Member Handshake (30 sec.)
まりえ(36) – Two-Shot Smartphone Picture (写メ)
綺星★フィオレナード – Two-Shot Smartphone Picture (写メ)
dela – Buy One Get One Free Bromide (ブロマイド)
手羽先センセーション – Signature Ticket or 30 Second Talk Time Extension
てぃんく♪ – 1 Minute Talk Time/Photo Shooting Ticket
あいきょーJr- 200 Yen Off Admission Price Discount (Joint Performance Only)
ハッピー&ハッピー – 200 Yen Off Admission Price Discount (Joint Performance Only)
蜂蜜★皇帝 – Individual Member Handshake Ticket

Yes Happy! –  Sayaka Handshake Ticket; Kokoro Handshake Ticket
カラフルスクリーム – Individual Member Idol Pass Booklet Signature
NEO BREAK – Two-Shot Smartphone Picture Ticket (写メ)
CHOCO★MILQ – Two-Shot Smartphone Picture Ticket (写メ)
AnimalBeast – Two-Shot Smartphone Picture (写メ) x4; Game of Janken (Chance at winning a free cheki scratchcard)
SkipJack – Two-Shot Smartphone Picture (写メ) x4; Game of Janken (Chance at winning a free cheki scratchcard)
天空音パレード – x2 Photo Present Ticket
リリシック学園 – Buy one CD, Get: Benefit Ticket + Cheki Ticket + Signature Ticket
Fun X Fam – Free Two-Shot Cheki Ticket
KRD8 – 1000 Yen Off Coupon for a Regular (定期) Performance
feelNEO – Free Signature Ticket, Bromide (ブロマイド) present

QunQun – Free Two-Shot Cheki (w/Signature); 500 Yen off One-Man Live Admission Coupon
九州女子翼 – Two-Shot Shooting Ticket; Sign-Kai Participation Ticket
ふくおか官兵衛Girls – Signed Photo Present
究極少女・カラット – Free Two-Shot Cheki; 500 Yen Off “Ultimate Planet Live” Admission Coupon


As you can see, the book has some pretty great deals available to those who buy it. Even if you’re buying it for a single group’s coupon, you’ll at least break even!
Another thing I noticed about this particular issue is that most of the featured groups will all be attending the ‘Sengoku Idol Wars’ festival happening in Gifu in June. The expiration date is also on the very final day of the festival, so you better bet i’ll be trying to use it every chance I get!
I imagine they time each issue according to events at that period of time, so it’s a great way to save some money and to also take the chance to meet a group or member you maybe wouldn’t have gone to meet had you not purchased the book!

I’ve gone over a bunch of stuff about the book and what it has to offer, but you may now be wondering how exactly you go about using the coupons…
As I mentioned before, the book itself is quite nice, so you may be a tad apprehensive to cutting up all the pages in order to use each coupon…
Luckily, they had all us collectors in mind and went about doing things a little bit different!
Each coupon has a little area where when you present the book to staff, they will stamp it, indicating that you have just used this particular coupon. It keeps your book all in one piece while getting the job done!
As a matter of fact, if you do cut your coupon out of the book, it will no longer be acceptable by staff.
So no worries, keep everything intact!

As always, thanks for reading! We hope this helps you all save a little bit of cash!

We’re curious to know, so please reply/comment:
Have you ever purchased and used Idol Pass?
If so, which coupon did you get to use that made you feel like the purchase was worth it?
If you haven’t, do you believe the book is a good value?

Thanks again!

Idol Pass Official Website

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