Honey Bunny [蜜兎(ハニバニ)] – Introduction Profile-

Honey Bunny [蜜兎(ハニバニ)]


Produced and managed by Ash Entertainment, 蜜兎(ハニバニ) or Honey Bunny, is a Nagoya based idol group that began activities back in May 2015.
The group’s concept is an “Electric Girls Unit” and the sound of their music very much so reflects that concept.
Prior to May 2015, the group went under the name girly*girly(仮) and consisted of four members, all of which were idols, models, and dancers. Their debut live took place on February 11th, 2015.


  • May 2015: Name change to Honey Bunny with original members: Rikoron, Asamin, Asuka, and Narinari; Ruka joins
  • June 2016: Asuka graduates
  • September 2016: Asamin graduates
  • December 2016: Rikoron graduates; Narinari is transferred to a new Ash Entertainment unit (Rizbeat)
  • January 2017: Kotori joins; Piano joins
  • October 2017: Lin Lee joins
  • December 2017: Iroha joins; Urara joins
  • April 2018: Himari Joins



Ruka [るか]
Member Color: Yellow
Birthday: 4/13
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Dieting
Special Skill: One-sided conversations

Leader of the group and innovator of poses: #るかるか団ポーズ

Ruka in a nutshell…or four…

Obama isn’t here to save you any longer!

Lately she has been tweeting/writing blogs partly in English! Show her some English love!



Kotori [ことり]
Member Color: Red
Birthday: 9/7
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Lazing around at home
Special Skill: Illustrating

Here are a couple of her cute illustrations

A real life Umaru chan?!



Piano [ぴあの]
Member Color: Pink
Birthday:  8/29
Blood Type: B
Hobby: Surfing the internet
Special Skill: Taking selfies

World’s cutest selfie queen



Lin Lee [リン・リィ]
Member Color: Light blue
Birthday: 1/23
Hobby: Watching idol live videos
Special Skill: Swimming, Drawing creepy looking pictures

How is it someone this cute is capable of producing something this disturbing?!

Seriously! Just look at that face!

This week on Netflix’s original series, “Nailed It!”


The idol fringe before and after a train ride



Iroha [いろは]
Member color: Purple
Birthday: 3/15
Hobby: Idol Wota
Special Skill: Mixing, Making strange faces






Urara [うらら]
Member color: Orange
Birthday: 11/1
Hobby: Music appreciation, Volleyball
Special Skill: Making strange faces

Ooo laa laaa~



Himari [ひまり]
Member color: Green
Birthday: 4/24
Hobby: Anime appreciation
Special Skill: Dancing

And the award for cutest idol ears goes to…



Aside from a regular lineup of lives weekly, Honey Bunny has a plethora of things going on offline and online!

They host ‘satsueikai’ or photoshoot events where fans can go to a photo studio and photograph the members of the group! I’ve found they do them mostly around major holidays and often follow a certain theme.
In addition, they host ‘offkai’ where fans can hang with the members for an extended amount of time outside of lives. For example, at the time of writing this, their upcoming offkai is a takoyaki party! Fans have opportunities like these to talk to their favorite members without time restrictions, as well as build memories and relationships with the members and their fellow fans!

A couple of the members work a couple nights at 大須Toys Cafe, a livehouse/sometimes cafe in the Kamimaezu area, each month.


As for online activities (and ones possibile for fans overseas to participate in), you can cheer for the members on the Cheerz app or yell for them on the .YellPlus app! All members of the group are active on Twitter and regularly write blog posts on the group Ameblo! In addition, Ruka streams on Line Live where you can watch and also comment directly! It’s always a great time on “Ruka Channel”!




In Conclusion…

Honey Bunny is a high-energy group with adorable members, fun songs, and great costumes!
Their manager is also a very nice, chill guy! My first encounter with the group was in September of 2017 at a public performance in a mall out towards Gifu. I was sitting in one of the couches outside the event’s merchandise sales area and Ruka kept running past me and yelling random things in English while Kotori and Piano were chasing after her trying to clean up the path of destruction left in her wake. About the third time, Piano and Kotori stopped to apologize for Ruka’s antics and told me about the group. Ruka shortly followed and well…you can probably guess how the rest of it went. The whole encounter with them was really amusing and it certainly got me interested in checking out their live later that day.
If this is your first time hearing about them, please be sure to check them out!
And if you ever find yourself in Nagoya, check their schedule to see if you can make it to one of their lives/events! They tend to go outside of Nagoya every couple of months (mostly to Tokyo or Osaka). Even if you do not have any plans to visit Japan, feel free to interact with them over SNS! They all would be very grateful to know there are people overseas who are interested in them! Thanks for reading!




~Ruka’s LineLive~



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