Kamen Joshi/Steam Girls Member Tomoka Igari in Emergency Surgery


Tomoka Igari is a member of both Kamen Joshi and Steam Girls, who became an idol in May of 2014 when she became a member of Slime Girls, Kamen Joshi’s kenkyuusei (trainee) unit. In July 2014, she was promoted to Kamen Joshi kouhousei (cadet) group OZ and in February 2017, she was promoted to her current units. Tomoka is a registered dietitian and is well known for her love of baseball. She is interested in both professional and high school baseball, particularly the professional baseball team Saitama Seibu Lions. Last September, she was able to carry out her dream and throw out the first pitch before one of their games.



According to various news sites, on 4/11 around 1:30 PM, Tomoka was walking on a sidewalk in Tokyo’s Bunkyo ward when a signboard collapsed because of the strong wind and directly hit her. The signboard was made of wood and was 2.8 meters tall and 3.8 meters wide. Tomoka has since been transported to the hospital and it was reported that the sign hit her back and caused injuries, which some are reporting to be severe.

Since Tomoka was off work, it took Kamen Joshi management a while to hear about and confirm the situation, but they finally made an official statement at about 1 AM the next morning. They apologized for the delay and confirmed that a signboard collapsed and injured Tomoka and that she’s undergoing an emergency surgical operation. Management also said that they haven’t been able to talk to Tomoka, but when her surgery is done and they have consulted with Tomoka and her family, they will release more information.

Here is a picture of the signboard before it collapsed:


Here is a picture of the collapsed signboard:


You can also see video footage here at 0:41.

With the information that we’ve been presented, it doesn’t sound like a minor injury, but it’s hard to say how severely Tomoka has been injured. I’m hoping for the best with her recovery and will update everyone with more information when it is released.

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