My 48G Handshake Experiences

I used to be really into AKB48 and all of the other 48 groups, but when I moved to Japan and discovered underground idols, I lost interest pretty quickly. I still follow the music and follow Sayanee and Meru casually, but my fandom is nowhere near what it once was. Most people who are or … Continue reading My 48G Handshake Experiences

Weekly Idol News: 2/26-3/4

I wasn't as personally affected by the idol news this week as I was last, but there's still been some pretty big announcements, especially for UK wota. Let's get started! This Week's Releases Singles: 2/27: Misaki Iwasa - Sado no Ondeko 2/28: Fairies - HEY HEY ~Light Me Up~ on and Go! - Kokoro wa … Continue reading Weekly Idol News: 2/26-3/4