Fun Facts About the 2018 WACK Audition

I haven’t been following the WACK Audition too closely, but browsing the Japanese interwebs, I found some interesting facts people may or may not know.

Nozomu Hirano = Trivago?

I think some people were confused why Nozomu started to be called “Toribago”. Well, it’s actually Trivago, a hotel price comparison site. You can see the commercial here:

Basically, it’s a famous commercial, people thought she resembled the Trivago girl, and it just caught on from there.

More About Nozomu Hirano


The Trivago girl (Natalie Emmons) is an American from San Diego, but Nozomu was born and raised in Japan. Her favorite subject is music, she’s 171 cm tall (just over 5’7″), she’s left-handed, and her WACK oshi is (I guess, was) Pour Lui. She’s sent three fan letters to Pour Lui in the past.

Yukiko Nagayama


I think most people knew this, but this is Yukiko’s second WACK audition! She participated in last year’s audition and failed, but is back this year to try again (this time with longer hair)!

Hina Yokoyama and miss iD


Hina was a 2018 miss iD participant under the name Yuki Tsukino. Her profile there reveals that she is 18 years old and won one of the two photogenic awards. You can see her miss iD profile here and follow her Twitter here. You can also see her introduction video below:

RisoRiso and Shuuengo Buppan


RisoRiso was formerly the yellow member of the currently inactive group Shuuengo Buppan under the name Haruna Nanami (七海はるな). Here’s Shuuengo Buppan’s debut performance and first (and only) MV if you’d like to see her perform:

That’s it for now! Did you learn anything? Who are you rooting for in the WACK Audition? Leave a comment down below or send me a tweet!

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