Thank you. (Rumina Toujo Blog Translation)

Here’s another blog post I wanted to translate. Jun Uechi was a member of Kamen Joshi Kouhousei and Pa-Ken! with Koharu Hinata, Sora Kurumi, and Hino Takafuji. Sora and Hino were promoted to Armor Girls, Koharu to Steam Girls, and Rumina Toujou promoted from Slime Girls to Kamen Joshi Kouhousei and Pa-Ken!, making Pa-Ken! a two person unit of Jun and Rumina. Rumina debuted in Kamen Joshi Kouhousei, however, before she could debut in Pa-Ken! with Jun, Jun unexpectedly left Alice Project on February 3rd because of circumstances related to management. This was posted shortly after.

Disclaimer: This is a rough translation and I am not even close to an expert at Japanese. Still, I think it’s better than Google Translate and hopefully I can help some fans anyway.

Good afternoon.
I’m Kamen Joshi Kouhousei’s Rumina Toujo.

I’m sorry I haven’t tweeted or anything since last night because of the sudden circumstances.

However, I still haven’t really sorted out my feelings regarding the situation and I don’t really know what I should do.

I wanted to spend more time together.

The first time I came here, I was captivated.

I thought, “I want to be like that girl”.

I didn’t know her name and I looked up and looked into Slime Girls.

My promotion was decided, I became a kouhousei with her, and the two of us practiced as Pa-Ken! a lot.

She was always airy and gave off the impression of being silly but when I said I didn’t know the choreography, she taught it to me minutely.

And it was just the two of us, but she said “let’s do our best” and practiced with me until evening.

She’s not around anymore but I definitely won’t forget standing on the same stage together.

From now on, I’ll still always love her.

I wanted to do two person Pa-Ken! together.


Thank you very much for everything.



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