♭: Armor Girls Graduation. (Mayu Kusunoki Blog Translation)

As you may or may not know, Mayu Kusunoki graduated from Armor Girls and was promoted to/debuted in Alice Juban. This is pretty old now, but Mayu wrote a blog post about her graduation, her times in Armor Girls, and the Armor Girls members and I think it’s pretty emotional and worth a read.

Disclaimer: This is a rough translation and I am not even close to an expert at Japanese. Still, I think it’s better than Google Translate and hopefully I can help some fans anyway.


I’m very sorry.

It’s quite late, but I’ve written a little.

It might be long, but…please read it, okay?


I’ve graduated from Armor Girls, which I was a part of for about 3 years!


Since my Armor Girls graduation was decided, I didn’t know how I felt about it. At the Armor Girls seitansai (birthday party/birthday performance), my true feelings suddenly poured out a little, but, as I thought, on the day of my graduation ceremony I still didn’t know how I felt about it. At the end, I didn’t know what I should talk about and alas, at the graduation ceremony, I couldn’t collect myself properly…I still have regrets that I didn’t know what I wanted to say, so I properly thought about it and decided I should put my feelings together in this blog.


First of all, at the end of the day when I actually graduated from Armor Girls, my true feelings about the moment I saw the birth of the new Armor Girls…


Seeing the new Armor Girls, there was something about it that was lonely, I didn’t understand what it was, but spontaneously, tears came out, and during Koutetsu Shoujo, the tears wouldn’t stop.

Armor Girls without me.

It’s really strange, seeing Armor Girls’ objectives, everyone’s’ calls, from my side, having graduated, my feelings about everything were kind of complicated.


But, the new Armor Girls are really cute,

And as I thought, having six members has made them really lively,

Hino and Sora have good personalities,

A new wind is blowing,

Everyone is small and cute,

It feels festive and merry,

All the Kishidan (the name for Armor Girls fans) seem to be having fun.

I’m so glad!!!!


Hinochin inherited the main solo part in Anata no na LOVER!

Her voice is good, isn’t it?

It’s really cool!

Momomin has a solo early in the song!

Earlier, when I saw Armor Girls rehearsing, when Momomin was singing there, she really tried to appeal to me, it was funny (lol) (lol).


I have a feeling I could write a lot about my memories in Armor Girls up until now, but, I haven’t written about the members, and I don’t want to write too much so…I think I want to write about the members.


First of all, Miishan.

Miishan has assumed the part of Armor Girls’ leader,

However, she’s more than that, she pulls from her many different sides and often uses her abilities and talents to take the lead, for example with stage direction and teaching choreography.

She’s a fool but she’s not just a fool…

She’s really a genius! Miishan is!

You see,

I’m really glad Miishan is the leader.

She’s normally scatterbrained, but when she needs to do things, they will be done!

That’s Miishan.

When Miishan takes control, everyone else naturally becomes determined.

As an original Armor Girls member and the leader, from now on, I want you to continue to make Armor Girls the cutest and strongest unit.

Miishan, thank you very much.



Moachan and Miishan have genius-level abilities in different fields.

Moachan’s design sense is outstanding!

There are really a lot of diverse girls in Armor Girls!

Armor Girl Jiro (the Armor Girls mascot) and the various Armor Girls goods have mostly been designed by Moachan.

She will engage herself above all else to give no less than 100% when making things.

Also, her idol sense is outstandingly impressive.

Armor Girls has become really cute with Moachan as center.

I’ve always thought that Moachan’s idol aura was amazing.

But, when she plays the bass, she’s cool,

And when we formed our band, she really took charge.

Saying that it was because Moachan was there that we were able to make a band isn’t an exaggeration.

Moachan has helped me a lot.

She has really taken charge with her fun-loving spirit.

Moachan, thank you very much.



Makitty is, well, a kid!

There are annoying moments when she whines and cries (lol)

But, when we need to liven things up, she’s always the number one person in charge of making things lively. She’s the moodmaker.

She gets along well with various people and she quickly gets along with salespeople, so there have been many times when I’ve been worried about something and I’ve been relieved that Makitty was there (lol).

Also, she can do various things and since she is the almighty jack of all trades, I have probably relied on her to do too much for me. I’m sorry.
Makitty cares about others more than herself, and sometimes there are moments where I think she should think of herself more, but having that kind Makitty always by my side has helped me.

Makitty, thank you.


And now, Momomin.

Momomin has truly always been with me the whole way, so being seperated from her is really sad.

When I returned to the dressing room after my promotion was decided, we immediately embraced each other and cried.

While crying, Momomin said “congratulations” to me, and I was happy, but I simultaneously felt a complex and strong sense of worry.

I didn’t want to be arrogant, but I wondered if Momomin would be okay without me.

After all, we overcame everything together as the two of us.

Momomin has told me that I’ve helped her a lot, but Momomin being there has probably helped me the same amount or more.

There are a lot of things that I was able to do because Momomin was there.

Momomin always tells me that I’m kind, but

I’m not kind at all,

I know Momomin’s personality well, but even just hanging out with her,

I have a quick temper so I easily get mad, yet despite this, Momomin always listens to my stories,

I always turn to her with my concerns,

Momomin is kind like that and like that, I rely on her.

But, Momomin will be okay,

And although we’re separated from now on, the two of us will still always be together!

From now on, Momomin being there will continue to help me a lot, I think!

Her letter made me really happy.

It was when I cried the most (lol).

Momomin, thank you.


I’ve really done a lot with these four.

The graduation ceremony was the last live with the five of us and from that point, in the future, I wouldn’t be there.

I wanted to have a normal live that was like the usual…

Did it feel like a usual live with the five of us?

Was the live you saw burned into your memory?


The mask ceremony.

Up until this point, I hadn’t thought about graduating as an idol, but unexpectedly, because I was to become a member of Juban, I graduated from Armor Girls…!

I always had my iron mask and armor gun with me, so it was inevitable that releasing them would be really sad.

At this point, no one has inherited my armor gun, iron mask, and armor, but I think when someone does, I will be happy.

It was proof of how important and valuable Armor Girls was to me.

For everything up until now, thank you.


Our Armor Girls was overflowing with personality,

Everyone had moments where they bumped heads with each other,

But because of this,

We discussed our clashing opinions and surmounted everything.


With the five of us as Armor Girls,

It felt like we could do anything.

There were probably times when our everyday lives and MCs were bad,

But during our big events, I think Armor Girls was the best!


I can say that with confidence!


Also, the Kishidan were the best!


Being a part of the strongest Armor Girls,

Spending fun times with everyone,

These things are my pride.


To everyone who loved Armor Girls,

Truly, thank you.


If you don’t forget the time I was in Armor Girls, I will be happy.


Also, if you love Armor Girls from now on, I will be happy.


Thank you very much to all of you who cheered me on during my three or so years in Armor Girls.


To be continued.



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