Happy Valentine’s Day!

It might be the 15th for you now, but here in America, it’s still the 14th. Valentine’s Day was yesterday in Japan, so we got lots of good idol content!

Let’s start with the songs/MVs!

Tacoyaki Rainbow’s Sotsugyou Love Tasty gets you in the Valentine’s mood with colors and backgrounds that are clearly inspired by the holiday. However, despite the cute MV and sound, it’s actually a pretty sad song about graduating from a love with someone.

BiSH’s JAM has been out for a while, but the MV was recently released and it fits the Valentine’s theme, with each of the members going to see the person they want to see the most. Momoko sees rock band Chatmonchy’s former member Kumiko Takahashi, whose lyrics really affected her, Chicchi rock band GING NANG BOYZ member Kazunobu Mineta, her hero, Aina singer-songwriter Mao Abe, whose songs she always sang prior to BiSH, Lingling ex Morning Musume member Risa Niigaki, who she was a big fan of and went to her graduation, Ayuni blogger ARuFA, whose blogs she likes to read in her spare time, and Atsuko the manager of the restaurant Otomodachi that she visited a year and a half ago for BiSH Cannonball. I think it’s a really cool MV idea and worth a watch.

Tsubaki Factory’s I Need You ~Yozora no Kanransha~ has a Valentine’s feeling to it, with the Tsubaki Factory members going on a ferris wheel date with the person they like. It’s really cute and a good way to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Country Girls are back with Kaite wa Keshite no “I Love You”, a very sweet Valentine’s Day song about writing a love letter to your special someone. This might be my favorite of the Valentine’s songs this year!

Onto the videos!

Majibanch’s Moishan giving you Valentine’s chocolate!

The SHINGEKI members confessing to you!

Alice Juban’s Erina Kamiya making a chocolate parfait!

TOKYO SWEET PARTY (formerly Honey Spice)’s Nanako Hinata dancing to the classic idol song Valentine Kiss!

A silly Valentine’s greeting video from Team Syachihoko!

Nanaka Kawamura (Alice Juban) and Hitomi Momose (Armor Girls)……destroying chocolate….

HKT48’s Meru Tashima in an adorable Valentine’s themed video!

And lastly cute photos from…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(in order) Remi Ogata (Hachimitsu Emperor), Anna Tachibana (Alice Juban), Shihori Yukino (Steam Girls), Yumu Haruno (Underbeasty), Yuki Ogata (No Plan), Karen Negishi (Tacoyaki Rainbow), Kotoka Kitami (TOY SMILEY), Moa Tsukino (Armor Girls), Appare! Harajuku, Shiroka Hoshino (Jewel☆Rogue), Sara Kurose (Steam Girls), and Luna Mizuki (No Plan)!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!




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